Miracle bandage heals broken bones

Miracle bandage heals broken bones

Scientists have created a bandage that heals broken bones. The biomaterial significantly speeds up the healing of fractures. It consists of two types of cells, so it can be glued to a wound like a plaster, scientists say.

One of the researchers said: “Our technology is the first in which bone tissue is created from human stem cells in the laboratory within one week and successfully transplanted into a fracture to initiate and accelerate recovery.”

This offers hope in reducing pain, complications, infections, and poor outcomes from serious injuries. Clinical trials of the miracle dressing are already planned.

Its chemical composition includes stem cells – basic cells that can turn into any type of tissue or organ, and mature bone cells. They are coated with a protein that the body uses for growth and repair, mimicking parts of healthy bone. This dressing can be attached to the fracture like a cast and enhance the bone’s natural healing ability, which generally speeds up the entire healing process.

Modern methods of bone restoration are the use of synthetic implants or donor tissue, where bone is taken from other parts of the body to repair the fracture.

The Bone Wrap supports the ability of stem and bone cells to survive and form bones throughout the healing process. It was developed by researchers from London (UK) at the Center for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, specifically for the treatment of fractures and does not affect healthy human tissue.

Bandages can even be made biodegradable so that the body simply dissolves them after the bone fracture has healed.