Minsk Book Fair invites writers from the CIS countries to an online discussion

Minsk Book Fair invites writers from the CIS countries to an online discussion

“The book unites people and countries” – The 28th Minsk International Book Fair will be held under this motto, the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus reported.

In 2021, the Commonwealth of Independent States celebrates the 30th anniversary of its creation. In this regard, the exhibition’s central exposition will be dedicated to the site representing the books of the CIS member states.

Symbolically designed in the style of a single house, the pavilion will be divided into several “rooms”. The living room will be the central gallery representing important events of the Commonwealth, and the writer’s library will be occupied by book publications telling about the history, culture, art and traditions of the CIS peoples.

Due to the current epidemiological situation in the world, the organizers of the event plan to transfer several meetings to an online platform.

Thus, the International Symposium “Writer and Time” invites representatives of the writing circles of all CIS countries to an online discussion. Registration of the meeting participants starts on January 20. Detailed information and current updates can be find on the website of the event.

The Minsk International Book Fair, scheduled for February, is one of the points for the implementation of the Concept of Belarus’ CIS Presidency in 2021. The humanitarian project is implemented by the Interstate Council for Cooperation in the field of periodicals, book publishing, book distribution and printing.

The Belarusian publishing houses are actively cooperating with the Turkmen writers. In October last year, a series “Addresses of Belarus in the World” included a section dedicated to Turkmenistan, as well as creative works by Turkmen authors Maksat Byashimov and Byagul Annabayeva were published on the pages of the publication.

Poetry collections of the Turkmen literature classicist Makhtumkuli Fragi, since Turkmenistan is preparing for the 300th anniversary today, have been repeatedly published for the Belarusian readership. Translators and poets of Belarus Kazimir Kameisha and Ganad Charkazyan were awarded the special medal “Magtymguly Pyragy” for their services in studying, spreading and popularizing the heritage of the great Turkmen thinker.