Ministry of Peace may appear in Afghanistan

Ministry of Peace may appear in Afghanistan

Deputies of the lower house of the Afghan parliament (Volusi Jirgi) by a majority vote approved the president’s decision to form a state ministry for peace.

According to, the decision to create the department was made by Ashraf Ghani in June. Abdul Salam Rahimi, who previously headed the presidential administration, was appointed the head of the new ministry.

The presidential decree on the formation of the department was approved by ten commissions of various profiles, taking into account the views of which parliamentarians made their decision. However, the initiative to allocate 700 million Afghani to finance the work of the ministry was rejected by deputies.

It is worth noting that opponents of the creation of the ministry were also found in the Volusi Jirga. Some of the deputies regarded the formation of a new department within the government as an act violating the Constitution of Afghanistan, Tolo television channel reported.

One of the arguments against the creation of the ministry was the existence of the Supreme Peace Council – an agency formed back in 2010, during the presidency of Hamid Karzai, in order to organize negotiations with the armed opposition. Despite the fact that the success of the work of the council was repeatedly questioned, some parliamentarians expressed the view that the formation of the department with similar functions was a futile step.