Military physician Ata Resulov – “a bit of Chekhov, only in his own country”…

Military physician Ata Resulov – “a bit of Chekhov, only in his own country”…

A military doctor is a profession that immediately combines two important activities – serving the homeland and people. The national and honored doctor of Turkmenistan – Ata Resulov, worked in various military hospitals for many years. Resident, surgeon, resuscitation anesthetist and head of resuscitation department …

Over the 55-year work experience, the doctor has written many medical articles published in scientific journals. Under his authorship, several books were published, including memoirs – personal memories from life and medical practice. Even now, being retired, Ata Resulov continues to collect materials for future books, constantly exploring and experiencing some scientific discoveries.

“I read a lot, if I don’t read, then I write,” Ata-aga says. – When I practiced medicine, I had to write reports and essays on duty. Teachers noted my scientific work for the ease of the language in which they are written. That is, these texts are understandable to any person who is not even associated with medicine. The great Russian classic Anton Chekhov was also a doctor and an excellent writer. As they say, I’m a bit of a Chekhov, only in my Fatherland.

Ata Resulov was born in the city of Mary, in a large family – five brothers and a sister. The elder brother is a participant in the Great Patriotic War, the middle brother is an excellent horse breeder. Following the example of older relatives, the young man studied well at school, and after graduation he went to the capital to enter the Faculty of Biology.

– We went to Ashgabat, with friends on the train, the guys raved about medicine, and I really wanted to be a biologist. All night they persuaded me to go to the same faculty with them, and upon arrival, we submitted documents to the Turkmen State Medical Institute together, they have persuaded me,” Ata-aga laughs. – Here I met my future wife, she is also a doctor. Two years later, I was called into the army, military doctors were needed. After serving in the military garrison, I remained connected with the army forever.

The military doctor in the garrison is an important figure, the ability to provide medical care even in peacetime requires the doctor to be more organized. In addition to the service part, the duty of the military doctor is to constantly improve his qualification level. Medical science does not stand still, the duty of the doctor is to keep abreast of new methods of the profession. Resulov trained in various countries of the world, assisted in many military hospitals, advised young specialists and rose to the rank of colonel in medical service.

“I am proud that I worked all my life as a military doctor,” the pensioner says. – Medicine is the same for both the military and civilians, but the military doctor has more responsibility, he treats those who are on guard of the Fatherland. The methodical manual and scientific articles published by me over the years of service are now used in military regiments, as a textbook on intensive care and emergency surgery. Each article is supported by personal practice and real observations of the development of various diseases in patients. My works were published in the medical journals of Moscow and Turkmenistan.

Today, the 83-year-old pensioner is working on a new book, under the cover of which he wants to put his medical discoveries collected over the years of activity. The doctor has always led a healthy lifestyle, and now takes morning tours on a bicycle, does not eat flour and sweets, preferring fruits.

Discovering the great benefits of pomegranate, Ata Resulov planted the trees of this fruit in his garden and wrote several articles about the properties of this fruit. Another passion of the doctor is roses, a hundred-odd seedlings have been planted by him with his own hands, they bloom in the spring and delight the eye.

“Never stop working” is the main motto of a person tempered by time and life experience, then the mind and wealth of the inner world will not run out, but will give strength for a new day, which is holding many discoveries.