Military personnel at the call to military service, while musicians – by vocation

Military personnel at the call to military service, while musicians – by vocation

On January 27, a festive concert on the occasion of the Motherland Defender Day was held at the Central House of Officers of the Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan. In line with this date, ORIENT, along with the editorial staff of the military-patriotic magazine Milli goşun, will tell about the creative military groups who performed at the concerts as well as about preparations for this event.

… The armies of all nations and states have long possessed units of musicians who are raising the martial ardor of their fellow-soldiers. They are praised by the personnel, as they help to deal with difficulties with dignity as well as they are the harbingers of a peace.

Today, ordinary soldiers of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan continue these glorious traditions. In the military units of the National Army, there are positions for members of military bands that have their own musical instruments and modern equipment. According to the internal schedule, concerts and creative evenings are organized.

Military commissariats distribute young people with higher or secondary musical education to the creative units of the National Army. Then, they are becoming members of large orchestras and music groups. One of them is the Merdana Nesiller ensemble of the Central House of Officers of the Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan.

– Our group was founded in 1997. It is aimed to raise the spirit of the defenders of the Fatherland. We tour the country, record songs on radio and TV, participate in major concerts on national level. Through musical creativity, we are trying to encourage young generation to the military service, to form in their minds the idea of a sacred duty to the Fatherland,” the leader of the Merdana Nesiller group, captain Arslan Berkeliyev says.

The members of the ensemble are talented personnel at the call to military service who have a musical background and experience performing on a large stage. One of them is the violinist Yazberdy Djepbarov, a son of the famous Turkmen singer Gulberdi Djepbarov and a grandson of the national artist of Turkmenistan Toiguly Djepbarov. The talented young man got acquainted with the violin in early childhood, and later he was enrolled to a music boarding school.

– When the violin was shown to me, I was attracted by this musical instrument like by a magnet. In my opinion, this is a very special, beautiful instrument both in sound and in appearance. As a child, the violin playing process fascinated me, when violinists were uniquely performing beautiful melodies by playing the strings.

As a member of the famous ensemble of young violinists “Mukam”, Yazberdy visited many countries of the world – Russia, China, Belarus, Malaysia, etc.

– We even played the music of Turkmen composers at the Great Wall of China! – the soldier adds.

The soldier serves at the Central House of Officers of the Ministry of Defense since the spring of 2019. Here, along with military training, he continues to master his skills on violin playing and performs at concerts. The concert to celebrate the Motherland Defender Day was one of such concerts.

For this festive event, the military personnel of the Merdana Nesiller ensemble prepared with great care. The rehearsal took many hours, including learning of new songs specially written for this day.

– This event was of special importance for us. It was attended by distinguished guests, heads of military and law enforcement agencies. Accordingly, the preparation was held at a very high level,” the graduate of the Turkmen National Conservatory, Junior Sergeant Rahman Hojamkuliyev says.

Before being called for military service, Rahman had a chance to visit many places in the country as a member of a symphony orchestra. Having become a military man, he continues to deal with creative work, performs with concerts in military units in various regions of Turkmenistan.

– We are often go on tour and perform the music of different styles. During such trips, I met many other talented soldiers and gained valuable experience,” Rahman added.

The composition of the Merdana Nesiller ensemble is regularly updated after the demobilization of its members in spring and autumn. It constantly brings something new and original to the group’s performances, as it allows the group to improve. Recently, a talented singer of Turkmen folk songs, private Byashim Yolamanov has joined the ensemble. After several months of service at the Central House of Officers, he gained the love and respect of a new audience – the defenders of the Fatherland.

– While studying at a specialized school of arts and conservatoire, I mastered the skills of gidjak playing and the art of bakhshi. Folk music has been close to me since childhood. In my opinion, it reflects the identity of our people more brighter than other types of national arts. I especially felt this during a tour abroad,” the soldier says, noting the great interest of foreigners in Turkmen folklore.

– Before being called for military service, I became a participant of the Days of Culture of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Korea. There were many people who came up after the concerts and asked about the features of the art of bakhshi. It is very pleasant that our folk music is highly appreciated by people all over the world.

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