MGSKA team – winner of the National Basketball League of Turkmenistan

MGSKA team – winner of the National Basketball League of Turkmenistan

The 2018-2019 season final of the National Basketball League of was held in the sports complex of the International University of Oil and Gas.

After intense and exciting game, the MGSKA team of the Ministry of Defense defeated the winners of last year’s season – Gurlushikchi club of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture with a score of 95:87.

Both teams, which performed excellent over the League season, were set up to win. Each player made every effort to win the long-awaited champion title that they were competed since last November.

However, the team of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture in today’s match had no luck from the very beginning. It seemed that even the basketball hoop was against them – despite the large number of shots, there are were just a few successful.

But their rivals realized all attempts, thereby increasing the lead.

During the season, Gurlushikchi was defeated just once, and today they did not intend to give up. In the second half, they reduced the gap, making effective attacks. But the return balls of Merdan Hojamedov, Rustam Bugshiyev, Aleksandr Arhipov from MGSKA did not allow Gurlushikchi team to equalize the score.

As a result, MGSKA won the match.

“It took so long for us to win,” Murat Muratgeldyiev, the club’s chief coach, shared his emotions. “We applied a lot of energy, of course, there were injuries also. But, in the final match, we managed to show a real team game. Last year we lost just one point to this team, so today’s victory is even honeyed.”

Binagyar team of the Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction became the bronze winner of the basketball league.

“From year to year, the level of the game of Turkmen basketball players improves. We can admit the growing interest of people to basketball. Competition between players is getting stronger – each of them wants to be the best,” Aydogdy Berdyev, Chairman of the Basketball Federation of Turkmenistan, said. “Both teams that reached the final distinguished themselves from the very beginning. Besides, the young teams, like Galkan of the Ministry of the Interior, created quite good competition.

In total, 12 clubs participated in the National Basketball League of Turkmenistan. Merdan Hojamedov, MGSKA, became the best player of the season, Toyli Bayryev, Gurlushikchi, – the most scorer. Annaguly Hodjaguliyev, Binagyar, was awarded the title of “best young player”. Aleksandr Arhipov, MGSKA, is a record holder on three-point shots.