Medical institutions of the CIS countries will be united by the new structure

Medical institutions of the CIS countries will be united by the new structure

The ministries of health of the CIS states will be united by a new structure of the Commonwealth, reports Sputnik Agency, the commission on economic issues at the CIS Economic Council discussed the creation of a basic public health organization of the Commonwealth member states. And such a structure will soon appear on the basis of the Central Research Institute for Organization and Informatization of Healthcare (Russia).

According to Farit Kadyrov, Deputy Director for Economic Affairs of this institution, there is a tendency in the world to bring health systems closer together.

– Market-oriented countries pursue a policy of greater social protection. For example, the United States, where private health care is developed, is increasing the volume of free care. And vice versa, the CIS countries, the United Kingdom, which were focused on providing free assistance, are introducing a market mechanism through the insurance system. Under these conditions, it is impossible to deal with issues related to the organization of health care in isolation, Kadyrov said.

He also drew attention to the fact that many problems in the organization of health care – rapidly changing technologies, changing demographics, migration – require an integrated approach to the study of statistical, demographic, and organizational data.

– Now the digitalization of the economy in general and health care in particular is very important. Considering that our institute is key in the Russian Federation in informatization of health care, our experience, mistakes and problems that we encountered would also be of interest to the CIS countries,” Kadyrov stressed.

In conclusion, he said that, at present, amendments are being made to the draft provision on the basic organization of public health and informatization, as well as coordination on this document between the CIS countries.

In recent years, a number of medical institutions equipped with modern equipment from world famous manufacturers have been built and put into operation in Turkmenistan. Turkmen doctors improve their skills in well-known European universities and medical centers, mainly in Germany. And physicians from Europe come to Turkmen clinics, where they work in order to exchange experience.

According to experts, the launch of such a large-scale integration project in the field of medicine in the CIS spaces will significantly improve the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of medical services provided in the countries of the Commonwealth.