MAZ, KAMAZ and GAZ will do top-class job in the Karakum Deserts

MAZ, KAMAZ and GAZ will do top-class job in the Karakum Deserts

The Belarusian MAZ-SPORT Auto team left to Turkmenistan for the International Rally “Amul-Hazar 2018”, Sputnik Belarus reports.

“Amul-Hazar 2018” Rally, also known as the “Turkmen Desert Race 2018”, will begin in the ancient city of Amul on 11 September to end in the city of Awaza on the shore of the Caspian Sea on 15 September.

“Red Bison” team will be presented by 3 truck crews. Sergei Vyazovich will lead the team No.401, and, as before, will travel with navigator Pavel Garanin and mechanic Andrei Zhigulin. Team No.403 will include pilot Alexei Vishnevsky, navigator Maxim Novikov and mechanic Andrei Neverovich. Another team No.404, pilot Alexander Vasilevsky will be assisted by navigator Dmitry Vikhrenko and mechanic Anton Zaporoschenko.

MAZ-SPORT Auto team who won “silver” at the jubilee marathon “Dakar-2018”, what was the best result in the history of the Belarusians, will compete in rally-raid in T4 category with Russian colleagues – 2 crews of KAMAZ-master team. At same “Dakar-2018”, these Russian teams took the 1-st and the 3-rd places of honor.

Now MAZ-SPORT team will try sandy areas, dunes and other obstacles of the Karakum Desert

In “Amul-Hazar 2018” Rally, pilot Ayrat Mardeev in assistance of Dmitriy Svistunov and Ahmet Galautdinov will present Russian KAMAZ-master team. Anton Shibalov in company with Dmitry Nilitin and Ivan Romanov will lead another crew.

In addition to KAMAZ-master, two crews of another Russian team, the young GAZ Raid Sport, comprising of Mihail Shklyayev and Alexander Laguta, Boleslav Levitsky and Stanislav Dolgov, will take part in the truck race of the Turkmen rally. They will ride “Sadko Next” trucks.