Master and students: four artists on one creative platform

Master and students: four artists on one creative platform

A true festival of art has reigned in the Ashgabat Exhibition Center of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan. A creative exposition has opened here, presenting the works of four artists. The vernissage, entitled “Master and Students”, is dedicated to the master of Turkmen painting Annadurdy Almammedov and his followers – Allamurad Muhammedov, Hojamuhammed Churiev and Azat Muradov.

Aspiring artists and their mentors constantly learn from each other. And if the masters guide young people in accordance with the accumulated experience and methods of work, then the students share with them fresh ideas and new views on contemporary art.

People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Annadurdy Almammedov, despite his venerable age, recently turned 83, continues to cultivate talents and create. Pupils respectfully address him: “our khalypa”, and call him the singer of “moon mountains”.

But the famous artist worked for a long time in the theatrical and decorative workshop, until the craving for painting took a dominant place in his work. Fascinated by the nature of his native land, the bright palette of its colors and the beauty of the majestic mountains, Annadurdy Almammedov began to transfer sketches of landscapes that impressed him to the canvas.

“The main thing that my khalypa taught me was the art of color, the ability to use a palette,” says Hojamuhammed Churiev. – And this is not an ordinary exhibition, the four of us are very friendly. Recently, we had the idea to create an exposition detailing our homeland and how we see it. A big holiday is approaching – the 25th anniversary of neutrality of Turkmenistan, and the exhibition itself is timed to coincide with this solemn event. The exposition is divided into four zones, and each of them reflected the diversity of our country, traditions, crafts and much more.

The theme of folk craft is revealed by the paintings of Hojamuhammed Churiev. An intricate composition, consisting of five parts, fit on one huge wall. Polyptych – depicts an approaching toy (wedding) in a Turkmen village. The matchmakers have already arrived for the bride, and meanwhile, at the other end of the village, women are weaving carpets and keteni on wooden looms. And one cannot fail to notice how the threads of the future carpet break out of the plane of the picture and protrude beyond its limits. Thus, a complete feeling of real action on the art canvas is created.

A Turkmen proverb says: “It is better to be a poor man in your homeland than a king in Egypt,” and this folk wisdom served as the name for Azat Muradov’s triptych. An impressive picture of three parts, united by one deep thought, attracts attentive guests of the exhibition with its philosophical overtones and unusual colors.

Honored art worker of Turkmenistan, artist, mentor and participant of many international exhibitions Allamurad Muhammedov is not inferior in skill to his colleagues. He tried himself in many areas of fine art – surrealism, impressionism, avant-garde, etc. But the author’s original style, which is also inextricably linked with the cultural heritage of the Motherland, runs like a red thread through all his work.

Allamurad Muhammedov draws plots for his epic canvases from historical events, broadcasting them using modern artistic techniques. You can talk about art indefinitely, but it’s more pleasant to enjoy it. For those who wish to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of giant paintings and extraordinary landscapes, the opened exposition is a real gift.