Many times champion of Uzbekistan shares experience with Turkmen tennis players

Many times champion of Uzbekistan shares experience with Turkmen tennis players

The National Tennis Federation of Turkmenistan has a new development consultant – a specialist from Uzbekistan Odyljon Akramov. ORIENT talked with a mentor and learned about the work with the national team that is trained by him for international competitions participation.

“Recently, we are getting prepared for the next game season. At the moment, the team should do more physics to develop game skills. Every Saturday I hold competitions between tennis players, so that they play more with each other.”

At the beginning of next year, tennis team will participate an international tournament in Israel, where they would show up the full potential reached over training.

“We hope to show a good result,” Odyljon assured, noting that a new generation of tennis players is growing in Turkmenistan, who would be able to represent the country with dignity at international competitions. The Tennis Federation of Turkmenistan is actively working to develop this sport in the country; off-country training camps are held on regular basis, as well as foreign experts are invited.

Odyljon says he was happy to receive an offer to work in Turkmenistan.

“At that time, I also received job offers from various tennis clubs in China, the United Arab Emirates. But I chose Turkmenistan, as here I supposed to train the national team. In addition, it is always responsible. Moreover, it’s good for my coach experience,” he said.

Odyljon began his coaching career at age of 22. According to him, he felt that it was time to start a new stage. He was already a many times champion of Uzbekistan, the winner of various international tournaments.

He also has experience as a professional coach at one of Europe’s largest tennis academies, Soul Entertainment Group. The current contract of Odyljon Akramov is for 6 months.