Man of Legend: Jackie Chan is 66 years old

Man of Legend: Jackie Chan is 66 years old

On April 7, popular Chinese and American actor, stuntman, producer and director Jackie Chan celebrated his 66th birthday.

He managed to become famous far beyond the Celestial Empire. Most of his films are amazing, of course, not so much with their exciting plot, as with their breath-taking tricks and fight scenes. Jackie Chan is a member of the United Nations Children’s Fund and a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

He was born in 1954 in Hong Kong in a family of Charles and Lily Chan. When the boy was seven years old, his parents moved to Australia to work at the Chinese Embassy, and Jackie was sent to study at the Beijing Opera. Discipline in school was cast-iron. When they woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning, the children proceeded to dancing, mimicry, acting, singing and, of course, hand-to-hand combat classes. The working day lasted until midnight, holidays were extremely rare and did not affect the heavy daily routine.

Such education was not in vain. Already at the age of 8, Chan received his first role, and after graduation, his creative treasury contained about 20 episodic roles.

After getting his education, Jackie began his way into the world of cinema as a stuntman, occasionally appearing in various films as an actor. However, none of these works brought Chan success. Only in 1978, after the release of two movies with Jackie (“The Snake in the Shadow of the Eagle” and “Drunken Master”) Chan received a share of recognition and popularity. After appearing in several more successful films, such as “The Young Master”, “Police Story”, “Project A”, “My Lucky Stars” and “Invincible Dragon”, in the early 80’s, nevertheless Jackie decided to leave for Hollywood.

However, America did not immediately submit to this purposeful actor. The first works of Jackie did not arouse much interest in the United States, and for a very long time, Chan could not achieve the desired popularity. Although still some pictures brought the actor closer to the intended goal. For example, the movie “Showdown in the Bronx”, released in 1995, found a success with American audiences. It was also consoling that in the actor’s homeland, his fame grew by leaps and bounds.

And in 1999, the resilient Jackie Chan still gets his way. The movie “Rush Hour”, which quickly became a hit in America, brought the actor real fame and recognition. After that, Jackie became the most popular Chinese actor in Hollywood. His subsequent pictures (“The Tuxedo”, “Who am I?”, “The Medallion” and others) had a stunning success and brought the actor even more dizzying fame.

Jackie Chan is currently the most famous Asian actor in the world. Movies with Jackie Chan cannot be imagined without breakneck jumps, car races and beautiful combat. Jackie performs almost all the tricks himself, and sometimes replaces other actors.

He is famous not only for his unique acrobatic style of wrestling, but also for his unsurpassed comedic gift. His successful career is marked by honorary stars on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong, the Avenue of Stars in Hollywood and the Old Arbat in Moscow.

Oscar winner Jackie Chan starred in more than 100 films, entered the Guinness Book of Records four times. In addition, Chan is active in charity work. The actor organized a Fund to help martial arts fighters in need. He has adopted ten children, taken custody of fifty more, and sustains several University fellows.

And a few more facts. Jackie Chan’s height is 174 cm, according to the Eastern horoscope, he is a Horse. In 1976, Jackie had an operation to enlarge his eyes. During the filming of “Drunken Master”, while performing a trick, he fell unsuccessfully from the table to the floor and injured his eye. He was operated on, and when the eye healed, it became wider than another one. And then the doctor recommended cosmetic surgery.

Jackie Chan is a brand. Many markets sell things with his images. Also, the actor’s image was used by animators “Jackie Chan Adventures” serial. The main character is an archaeologist and agent of “Sector 13”, who, along with his uncle, niece and several allies, hunts for ancient talismans. After each episode, the real Jackie Chan answered questions from small fans.

Jackie Chan, a man who conquers dizzy heights, breaks windows on location and is not afraid of even facial injuries, and really has a panic fear of any kind of needles.

Chan is one of the wealthiest people in China. He owns a chain of movie theaters, restaurants, fashion boutiques, a Segway factory and gyms. The businessman himself continues to lead a healthy lifestyle and actively engages in sports activities at his respectable age.

Jackie is fond of music. As a child, he practiced with vocal teachers and performed in front of an audience. In his track record, he has 20 albums becoming popular in Asia. He recorded the track “We Are Ready”, which was timed confined to the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing.

In 2014, Beijing hosted a visiting meeting of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding, which headquarter is located in Ashgabat. The meeting was held with the participation of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and President of China Xi Jinping.

A show with the participation of Opera singers, the National Martial Art Ensemble of China, and Turkmen equestrians was timed to coincide with this event. The concert culminated with the anthem of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding, performed by Jackie Chan, the idol of millions of viewers. The song about the Akhal-Teke horse was performed in Turkmen and Chinese and was met with ovations by the audience.