Makul Sözlük – the first electronic Turkmen-English voice dictionary

Makul Sözlük – the first electronic Turkmen-English voice dictionary

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of Turkmen neutrality, the international magazine Atavatan Turkmenistan has launched the Makul Sözlük electronic dictionary. Software development, accomplished in the form of a smart dictionary, provides Turkmen-English simultaneous and written translation of words.

It should be reminded that the “Turkmen” version was recently introduced into the Google translate. Some variants of the English-Turkmen online translators developed in the recent past are also known. Smart dictionary Makul Sözlük is as good as analogs, successfully rivaling them.

The first bilingual voice dictionary has the advantage of not only giving written but also voice translations of words with multiple synonyms. Another feature of the glossary is the possibility to find words using “voice search”.

The dictionary contains over 21 000 words in Turkmen and more than 15 000 words in English. A convenient feature of the electronic dictionary is the “Frequent search” and “Last search” options, and daily replenishment of the “Training” section with five new words by the user. In addition, here one can read the latest news published by the international magazine Atavatan Turkmenistan on its website .

Now the dictionary’s vocabulary is replenished. On the official website there is a section “Proposals”, where users can insert into the dictionary those words that they would like to see in a bilingual application.

The developers promise that in the near future the mobile Android version of the dictionary will be launched for users, which will be tested soon. The electronic audio and digital dictionary in Turkmen and English operates online, while the Android application can be used offline.