Make last days of summer unforgettable

Make last days of summer unforgettable

Till the end of the new academic year remains very little time, and one wants to spend last days of summer in the company of friends and relatives.

If you do not know yet how it is possible to “entertain” yourself, then specially for you correspondent of ORIENT News Agency has prepared some ideas which are worth missing.


Whether you have sometime explored your native land open spaces? Have you ever interested in places of interest not only in the city, but also in other regions?

Last days of summer – it is just the period when it is worth gathering in the company of friends and to go on an excursion to the country. For example, to visit the cultural-historical preserve of Koneurgench. I am assured that the majority of you have not yet seen all “treasures” of Turkmenistan which has preserved since ancient times.

If you are not interested in long journeys , then near the capital it is also possible to find interesting places – a burning gas crater «The Glare of the Kara Kum» or an imperial fortress of Nisa.


Historical places – not the only thing, for which Turkmenistan is “noted”. Nature – fauna and flora – especially attract visitors. And how long you got out with your family to similar places?

It is enough to get out in the park and to arrange a picnic for which it is possible to gather not only members of your family, but also a company of your friends. Take with yourself badminton or a ball, and go ahead to spend time actively and usefully.


If you are not inclined to enjoy an active leisure, then you should visit the capital cinemas. Daily the “collection” is replenished with novelties of the world distribution, the first night of which one can see sitting in a cosy armchair with popcorn in hands.

Now on screens of Turkmenistan such films as: «Once in Hollywood», the second part of the screen version of the popular game «Angry Birds» and children’s cartoon film «Dora and the Forgotten city» are presented to spectators. What pastime would please you?


How long time has passed since you “soared” in heavens or looked at the city from the bird’s flight? Do you want to see all sights for once? Then we recommend you to go for the rope-way which is at the foot of the Kopetdag. Its height – almost 1300 metres and views therefrom open are bewitching.

At the highest point you can admire the beauty of the city, indeed, there is a observation platform. In the evening therefrom it is possible to observe the wonderful sunset at a coffee cup in a cosy small restaurant.

An in conclusion, feel like children and visit parks of attractions.
«The world of fairy tales», entertaining centre “Alem” or shopping centres equipped with slot machines and entertaining platforms.

Svetlana Davidovich