Magtymguly Music and Drama Theatre recreates ancient destans

Magtymguly Music and Drama Theatre recreates ancient destans

The National Music and Drama Theatre named after the great Turkmen poet Makhtumkuli, since its establishment in 2001, presented the audience dozens of creative works, which were recognized as success of the creative team of composers, playwrights, directors and artists.

Among them are, exclusive of the restored Turkmen Opera works, new performances “Sayat and Hemra”, “Rich bride”, “Tell me, mother”, “the Power of love”, “Student love”, “Don’t joke, fellow”, “Memory” and many others.

One of the most interesting works of this year was a production of the Opera “Pagliacci” jointly with the Italian Director Daniel de Plano, which factually “thundered” at the recent International Theater Festival in Ashgabat.

One of the theater team’s merits can be considered a meticulous work on the reconstruction of ancient destans – this is a favorite genre of folk art, combining music and poetry.

– Destans are not just a layer of culture, they are also a reflection of Turkmen history, – tells the Theater Director Murad Orazov. – Therefore, we will continue to work on the embodiment in the musical drama of this kind of folklore.

The last similar work is the production of the Opera “Aşyk Çaňly” (“Changli in Love”), directed by the honored artist of Turkmenistan Ainazar Batyrov. Saturated with national color and rich ethnographic material, the play tells about the love of a young rider and singer Changli to a girl named Bibi.

The plot is set in the 18th and 19th centuries in the areas of Etrek, Urgench and Khiva. In the libretto, the epos has obtained further development and is shown in terms of consecutive events, logically following each other.

The theatre repertoire is also full of productions for children. Young viewers loved the performances: “Brave Rooster Ahmed”, “Magic word”, “There was a dragon”, “Tales of Merry Esen”, “Rabbit Nose-in-the-Air” and others. These productions teach friendship, courage, love for the Motherland, work, loyalty, mutual respect and humanism.

In order that an audience to be always aware of the upcoming premieres and novelties, it was created the “Medeni” mobile application, where it is possible to learn more about the performances and book tickets.