Made with Love: Art in Miniature by Eugenia Vishnevskaya

Made with Love: Art in Miniature by Eugenia Vishnevskaya

To pass the world through the needle’s eye in order to see the beauty of the smallest details. As if under a magnifying glass, needlewoman and mistress from Ashgabat Eugenia Vishnevskaya offers to discover what you do not notice in everyday life.

Handywoman tries to create miniature crafts made of polymer clay: brooches, pendants, Christmas toys; paintings, hand-embroidered, table cloth, bead-weaving and many other things.

An accountant-economist by education, Eugenia was engaged in needlework since childhood.

– My grandmother loved to embroider with crochet, – tells the mistress. – I was always interested in it, and she taught me. Of course, in our generation there was no Internet, no available textbooks on needlework. We developed our skills through trial and error.

The personal collection of Eugenia Vishnevskaya consists of indescribable number of works that she created, and continues to create to this day. Naturally, there were creative breaks, but in general, labor of love accompanies Eugenia throughout her life.

– When elder daughter began to go in for gymnastics, I sewed for her special swimsuits, elegant costumes for the competition, decorated with rhinestones and sequins. My daughter has grown up, and looking at me, is also fascinated by creative activities. She makes amazing felt houses.

Admiration for works of other masters, great interest to learn something new for herself, compelled Eugenia Vishnevskaya to create an extraordinary doll houses called a roombox.

The word “roombox”, if to translate from English verbatim, consists of two parts: “room” and “box”.

Miniature rooms are for little dolls with furniture as tiny as the dolls themselves and their house. Interior items, tables, candlesticks, dishes, treats – all this is incredibly tiny.

Eugenia Vladimirovna works on every detail herself, deciding how to fill the cozy atmosphere of the future room.

– While I assemble room-boxes in the suitcase, but in the future I plan to come up with something of my own. Now I consider myself as a beginner miniaturist, – lowly says Eugenia.

Among other things, Eugenia sews. Her collection of costumes abounds with all kinds of headdresses: from Aladdin’s turban to Russian folk kokoshnik. Each hat or luxurious crown is decorated with specially selected accessories: beads, feathers, etc.

At the moment, Eugenia Vishnevskaya is a housewife, and she devotes all her time to creating new crafts. The woman admits that she is a real homebody. If she gets out of home, always tries to participate in exhibitions for craftsmen, presenting her works.

Without pursuing any special target, Eugenia is engaged in her labor of love for her soul. And how not to be delighted with such amazing crafts?
As the saying runs: “Improve your art, the rest will come by itself.”

Svetlana MAYAK