«Made in China»: all about New Year gifts

«Made in China»: all about New Year gifts

House ornament, purchase of gifts for close people and relatives is the most pleasant thing in preparation for the New Year. In holiday days shops and markets burst with thematic goods – toys, souvenirs literally. Therefore, it is not simple thing to choose from this abundance to you taste.

But did you think where all this “beauty” comes from and where it is in general is created?

A small Chinese town Yiwu located in the province of Zhèjiāng, is the largest distributor of the various New Year’s goods. According to the data of customs service of the city, every year Yiwu exports more than 20 thousand kinds of New Year’s production to more than 100 countries of the globe. It is over 60 % from total amount in the world. The United Nations and World Bank named Yiwu the largest specialised market. Here the biggest wholesale counter of consumer goods Futian in the world is located – the main sight, to visit which people from every corner of the globe gather.

In the city there are so many trading stands that it takes 120 days to walk round all of them, spending for it 8 hours a day. In Yiwu annually about 100 national and international exhibitions and fairs are held.

The remained 40 % of the world manufacture of New Year’s production are made by national industrial goods, production of mini-manufactures, collection lines of limited circulation, handmade products.

In each country there are skilled workers, for whom it is not only a hobby, but also a trade. They can create the real beauty from any improvised materials, whether it be plastic bottles, threads, cockleshells and many other things.

Having all necessary things, you also can make something by your own hands and please your relatives. It is enough just to make your imagination work.

For example, to make a New Year’s wreath which can be hung up on the door, on walls, shelves and on windows. Write down the “recipe” of one of them.

For a wreath basis it is possible to take a usual cardboard, a bent branch of pine or thuja on the wire. After a basis choice, arrange on it collected cones of different sizes and fix them with glue. Add also bright sequins, small fur-tree balls, and hand bells – everything that will occur to your mind. The main thing is not to go too far.

And for a snow covered effect a wreath should be covered with silver paint from a spray can. Nobody also cancelled to use artificial snow. Here is a New Year’s wreath made not in China for you.

Ayna Berdiyeva