Logistics at the Caspian and Black Seas will be discussed in Baku in September

Logistics at the Caspian and Black Seas will be discussed in Baku in September

The 7th International Black Sea-Caspian Transport Forum “Efficiency, Synergy, Generation” will be held on September 17-18 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The conference will cover the most pressing issues of transport logistics at the Caspian, Azov and Black Sea regions.

To further form a system of multimodal transport corridors at the Black, Azov and Caspian Seas, the coastal states continue to work on developing their transit potential and increasing their cargo transportation efficiency.

The forum will focus on railways, ports and terminals, container lines, motor carriers, freight forwarders, logistics and investment companies and banks.

The key issues to be addressed at the upcoming forum include transcontinental and regional routes, the dynamics on the railway transportation market between China and Europe, optimizing the container logistics, increasing traffic capacity of the ports of the Black and Caspian Seas, building new sea terminals, export and logistics of oil and gas in the region, etc.

Interest in development of transport logistics in the Caspian region is caused by the dynamic actions of almost all the Caspian countries in the extraction of mineral resources in the shelf areas. Turkmenistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Iran are gradually increasing the cargo turnover of their ports and establishing relations between them. Against this background, various ideas of new transit corridors are considered.

The last transit route put into operation was the Lapis lazuli corridor that connected Afghanistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and provided the opportunity to deliver Afghan goods to European markets.

These events emphasize the role of effective management decisions in logistics, as well as the need to continue serious negotiations between regional players. Indeed, against the backdrop of the pandemic, fluctuations in oil prices, world currencies and economic instability in general, the industry is in decline. But dialogue opens up new opportunities and potential for further development.