Logisticians of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan have signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

Logisticians of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan have signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

Creation of modern infrastructures, new transport, power and lines of communication are primary factors in development of the sphere of transport and energy of Turkmenistan which strengthens transport-logistical links with all countries of the region. Turkmenistan acts as a connecting link of transport and logistical infrastructure of Europe and Asia. The opening and commissioning of important infrastructural projects in Afghanistan, railway building Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran-India are bright examples of close transport links with neighbouring countries.

In the sphere of transport infrastructures the special attention is also given to the private sector which promotes the growth of economic indicators of the country, creating an additional competition. So, the Turkmen Logistics Association (TLA) , created in the summer of 2020, and the Union of transport workers of Kazakhstan “KAZLOGISTICS” have signed the Memorandum of Cooperation. Bilateral cooperation should stimulate mutual development and promote growth of the market of logistical services. The association, into which structure enters more than 90 domestic and international enterprises, actively co-operates with international partners for creation of economic transport routes.

The signed document provides participation of both parties in regional and international actions, in working out and realisation of joint projects with a view of creation of mutually advantageous decisions, and also in investment projects of the international organisations and financial institutions. Besides, the Memorandum provides some more forms of co-operation: information interchange and experience between the Union of transport workers of Kazakhstan “KAZLOGISTICS” and Turkmen Logistics Association; the organisation and conduction of training courses and seminars on improvement of professional skill, training and retraining of experts; introduction of modern digital systems in the sphere of logistics, ensuring efficient solution of issues on optimisation of chains of deliveries and international transportation; rendering of mutual consulting services and conduction of research, sociological and other solutions and researches in the field of logistics; organisation of training, educational seminars and various trainings; joint conferences, business forums, seminars, master classes, round tables with participation of international organisations, companies and experts in the logistics sphere.

Thus, the sides intend to carry out consultations concerning creation of comfortable and economically comprehensible conditions of transportations, and increase of efficiency of economic activities will give the chance for formation and realisation of new perspective projects.