Little artists conquer the big stage

In order to find a place in the rapidly developing world in the future, from earliest years a child needs to master many skills. Classes and sections on intellectual, physical, and creative development opened in Turkmenistan are in support of this.

For moms and dads, such classes are a kind of real “life saver”, while for children it is an opportunity to learn something new, have fun and spend a time with pleasure.

Dance courses are especially popular – they foster love for healthy lifestyle, sense of rhythm and interest in creativity in children.

Today, ORIENT visited the annual report concert of the Avangard dance and sports complex and the Caravella studio and was fascinated by young artists.

Not all stars of the concert would be professional dancers in future, but the skills acquired during the classes would help them achieve their goals in life beautifully and with taste. You can make sure of this by watching a video below.