Letters to Santa: waiting for a miracle

Letters to Santa: waiting for a miracle

Every year in the second half of December, postmen from different countries take out from their mailboxes a lot of letters addressed to Santa Claus, Grandfather Frost or St. Nicholas. As the Finnish Post told reporters, their number is decreasing with the development of technology. So, at the end of 2018, 502 thousand letters were received, while in 1985 there were 20 million.

Nevertheless, the tradition of writing letters to Santa Claus is very popular, and most of the messages are received by postmen in Finland, because everyone knows that it is from this country that Santa Claus arrives in his reindeer team, to whom children from 150 countries of the world write.

The secret workshop and the hut of the Finnish Santa or Joulopukki itself is located on the slope of Mount Korvatunturi, where only wizards are allowed to enter, so that ordinary people do not reveal the secret of the appearance of New Year’s gifts.

Every working day, Santa goes down to his office, where he reads letters addressed to him and receives guests. Under the leadership of the Finnish Santa Claus, there is a post office where elves in striped stockings and dwarves in funny caps sort letters from bags.

Chief Post Elf Gaidi says: “Elves know many languages, but not all. Letters sent from Ukraine and Russia are read by a Kazakh elf ”.

The grandfather himself conducts receptions at his residence from 10 am to 6 pm, he treats guests with sweets, takes pictures and listens to wishes. In his letters, Santa Claus always mentions that it is necessary to be obedient, meaning: benevolence and desire to help others; good grades in school, sports activities and other useful hobbies; respect for the environment and our smaller brothers.

In each letter, Youlopukki emphasizes that one should always do good deeds and remember that in the New Year, success will be accompanied only by those who believe in their dreams, know how to be patient, hardworking, as well as those who constantly work on themselves.

Yolupukki has official addresses: Santa Claus Village: zip code 96930, Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi Napapiiri. Contact phones: +358 (0) 163562096, +358 (0) 163562096 (fax). The post office has its own coordinates: postal code 96930, Rovaniemi Teknotie, houses 14 – 16. Contact phones: +358 (0) 16311233, +358 (0) 16311234 (fax). Official Internet Portal: santaclaus.posti.fi

Santa Claus has helpers all over the world, from Finland to New Zealand. For example, the United States Postal Service responds to children’s letters addressed to Santa Claus from 1912 onwards. The Letters to Santa Claus program has existed in the Canadian Post Office for over 30 years, and thousands of its employees are volunteering to act as Santa’s “elves” helpers.

Since 1962, on behalf of Santa Claus, letters from children from all over the world have been answered at the post office in southwestern France. According to postal employees, children from all over the world ask Santa to send them toys, dolls, skates, electronic games as a gift. But often they ask Santa Claus to make sure that there is peace on earth, so that he does not forget about poor people, so that no one goes hungry, and there are also funny letters.

For example, one child asked Santa Claus to be careful and take off his boots altogether, because his mother had just laid a new carpet in the living room and she would be very angry if someone walked on it in shoes – even Santa Claus himself.

In 2020, children write that Santa’s magic is needed more than ever. Some still have relatives who are ill, all hope is only for a miracle. This emotional burden is read this year from hundreds of thousands of children’s letters that Santa Claus receives.

As post “elves” note, they feel the fears of children – for themselves, for grandparents and for their parents, especially if their parents are health workers. The envelopes contain protective masks for Santa Claus – after all, he is at risk (because he is elderly and fat), as well as numerous requests to stop covid next year.