Let there be abundant wheat! The beginning of sowing work in Turkmenistan

Winter wheat sowing started on September 4th in all regions of the country. Autumn for daikhan is the most critical time, the soil is ready for cultivation, but if you miss the adjusted time, you can lose the future crop. Depending on weather conditions, the beginning of sowing work also varies.

Ancient farmers paid great attention to national signs, determining the “ripeness” of the soil offhand. If a handful of earth crumbled in a fist, it means that it is ready for plowing, if it fell in a lump, it means that it has not yet matured.

Modern sowing work is carried out using technology that is being modernized year by year: tractors, grain seeders, combines…

For 25 years, agricultural machinery of the American company John Deere has been used in Turkmenistan. “Smart” equipment in the fields copes with the most difficult tasks, ensuring proper care and step-by-step development of agricultural land.

The transition to a precision farming system using digital technologies served as the basis for the next major contract for the supply of John Deere machines until 2030.

About 600 pieces of equipment with GPRS navigation, capable of working in the field without a driver, will be available to farms in the near future. The delivery of John Deeres is also planned for the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan.

From time immemorial, the Turkmen people have been engaged in the cultivation of land, because the cultivation of bread has always been considered a good deed. The ancestors of the Turkmens did a great job in the formation of agriculture, and these traditions became the basis of the country’s agricultural industry, which in the 21st century continues to develop due to the most modern technologies.

Svetlana MAYAK