Let it Be! Let it Beatles! or Thoughts inspired by a concert

Let it Be! Let it Beatles! or Thoughts inspired by a concert

The Beatles are real Gods. And, no matter how much you say about a Hod, you still can’t embrace What He is.

Who hasn’t written about The Beatles ?!

It was the yellow press, loving to rummage in someone else’s underwear, and the authors of truly serious monographs. Sociologists, who tried to comprehend the phenomenon of youth subculture, and musicologists, who recognized John Lennon and Paul McCartney as the greatest composers since Beethoven. Moreover, the Beatles had the most distant idea about musical literacy – the collective brain of the four reckless guys completely lacked even minimal knowledge of at least one musical note.

Even strict political scientists wrote about them, who were at a loss about how the “The Beatles” in the era of the Iron Curtains managed to destroy them in the minds of young people with their light music.

If everything that is written about the Liverpool Four is gathered in one place, an impressive library will be formed. Both in external parameters and in internal content.

What about cinema? Oh, the pieces that have been created about the Beatles!

Cartoons (by the way, Yellow Submarine defined a whole trend in the style of modern animation), musicals, documentaries and full-length feature films.

The millions of copies of vinyl records, which became gold and platinum overnight, also contributed to the recognition of The Beatles as the most successful phenomenon in show business.

Before the Beatles, this had not and could have existed. Once Mimi – Aunt Lennon – said to her young nephew: “A guitar is a good thing, but it will never help you earn a living!”

A few years later, John Lennon presented Mimi with a villa, installing a marble plank on its wall, on which he immortalized the absolutely incorrect thought of his aunt. And later, his guitar was sold for 2 million 400 thousand dollars only because John Lennon himself once played it.

Who just did not perform Beatle songs?!

They were sang by everyone – from street boys with shabby guitars to the shining stars of vocal art. Beginning rock groups and eminent competitors in a crowded show business venue.

And in Ashgabat, a group of musicians, having gathered courage bordering on impudence, went on the attack on the classics of rock music.

Formal occasion – the whole planet celebrates World Beatles Day on January 16th, which was established not by a rock lover, but by a global organization – UNESCO.

All this is the smallest thing that occurred to me during the concert. And what was the Ashgabat concert in the end?

A little more than a couple of dozen works of wonderful sound, with a total timing of one and a half hours. Plus – a lot of sad, but wonderful sensations from the nostalgia that enveloped the soul and incomparable pleasure from touching beautiful songs and melodies (the song And I Love Her that won millions of hearts was performed in instrumental format).

The musicians tried to bring most of the songs closer to the original sound, although they dared to present their interpretations to the preheated public (in my purely subjective opinion, it would be better if they did not).

The repertoire was to some extent thought out and almost not uniform. It included songs from different years – from the very rarely performed It Won’t Be Long, very simple, but at the same time very mischievous Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da to the musical symbol of the golden era of rock – Yesterday.

The musicians had abundant taste – they selected from one to three songs from almost all albums, with the exception of two – and both of 1967. One of them is the Magical Mystery Tour, undeservedly underestimated at one time by music critics, and the second is the most revolutionary album of the rock era Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

If in the first case it is a pity that outside the attention of Ashgabat musicians there were a couple of charming songs with double subtext, such as The Fool On The Hill, as well as the song All You Need Is Love – the motto of the hippie generation, representing Great Britain through the broadcast of the first satellite connection, then in the second case – songs from the best album in the history of music according to Rolling Stone were most likely too tough for the Ashgabat musicians.

The audience, from the very beginning, was in anticipation of this holiday and urged the musicians to open the concert as soon as possible. And these hopes were fully realized.

Music lovers greeted the beginning of each song with cheers, often sang along, and upon its completion – generously awarded performers with applause.

The hall was full – not a single empty seat. Representatives of all age categories, from teenagers to those who were of the same young age during the performance of the Beatles themselves, came to the concert.

The hall gathered not only our compatriots, but also foreign guests, including the diplomatic corps staff. Among them is the Ambassador of the United States of America in our country, Mr. Matthew Klimow.

They say that when people relate to their work not only with high professionalism, but also with love, touchingly dedicating their actions to someone, the spirit of those to whom the initiation is directed is invisibly present at the same time.

And it immediately seemed to me that in the hall there were not only those whom I mentioned a little higher. And most likely, not only to me, it seemed that the spirit of the Beatles themselves was present at this musical party. This made the atmosphere easy, laidback, and, despite some overlays, very relaxed, as in the company of close friends. And that was great. Thanks for that to those who organized the concert, and to those who came to it.

I felt the same feelings during the concert “Bohemian Rhapsody”, where the presence of the spirit of great performers – Freddie Mercury and John Lennon with his best song after the breakup of The Beatles – Imagine – was visually felt.

Then, at my request, Alexei Gimaletdinov, a wonderful photographer, designer, editor, etc., prepared a photo illustration, which I forgot to put into the material because of my absent-mindedness. But today I do it with pleasure.

Concluded the concert, as you might have guessed, a masterpiece of all rock culture – “Let It Be”. Not without reason, some musicologists call it a prayer from McCartney, whom the dreamed Saint Mary taught to accept all life troubles and problems, like tests from Above:

When I find myself in times of trouble,
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom,
let it be

Yes, the Beatles are Gods. And if not the Gods, then at least the Angels. So they were called by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, designated in Wikipedia as “an outstanding scientist in the field of consciousness and the greatest teacher in the modern world.”

And it was like this: when The Beatles, during their first appearance on American television, took part in the popular Sullivan show, then a third of the US population, or, as the media wrote, 75 million (!) people, joined the TVs.

And then for two hours, for the first time in America, not a single serious crime was recorded! And the Maharishi, hearing this, said that “The Beatles are angels who have come to earth!”

… Yes, indeed, during the Ashgabat concert there was a feeling that the spirit of the magnificent four was present there. They, who conquered the world at one time, never heard that there is such a city as Ashgabat. But today, I am sure, they saw that in this city we retained a love for their music. And they honor their wonderful example, which proved that young people can, without waiting for old age, achieve everything they dream of.

Let It Be – So Be It!

Aleksandr BAYRIYEV