On May 9, the Day of the Great Victory, the mobile phone run hot due to the calls. One of incoming calls out of huge number of calls that distract the mind from urgent issues was of a special one.

I received a call from Dovletdjan Yagshimuradov, ACB and ACA mixed martial arts twice world champion, and big friend of the editorial staff of ORIENT that publishes often about the champion.

Dovletdjan with cheerful voice full of energy congratulated the ORIENT staff and readers on the Day of the Great Victory.

He also talked about his preparation for the fight to defend his championship title, which is scheduled to be held nearest months.

As we learned in private conversation, Dovletdjan, despite the fact that he has a period of intensive training and physical exercises that require high power, he keeps fasting prescribed to Muslims in the month of Ramadan.

But the call had different goal. Dovletdjan said that every time with great pleasure he reads materials about the Day of the Great Victory.

“These are very good articles about good men – front-line soldiers, each of whom is a true hero. The souls of these people are not crushed by the cruelty of the war with which they faced everywhere and every day.”

“I know that many acquaintances, including the fighters of Alabay Fighting Club, are strong people who bravely endure the pain from injuries received during training and fights, but they could not keep back tears while reading the Orient’s articles about the war,” Dovletdjan continued.

“As to me, despite my age of 30-years-old, I learned a lot by reading about the heroes of the Great Victory.” twice world champion added.

I learned, in spite of the fire of trials that you encounter in life, to hold on to your last strength in the name of victory, as our ancestors did.

Dovletdjan Yagshimuradov said that such articles are very necessary for our contemporaries – stories about those who, like we, were young during the terrible war years. And they – who now alive and heroically killed on the battlefields –had borne the whole war on their shoulders and suffered the whole war in the name of us living under a peaceful sky.

These are the lessons of real life from those who fought for peace of humanity, for dear life. And the stories of their harsh everyday life are more about call to peace than the stories about the war only. These are lessons not of callous cruelty, but of great human kindness. After all, war separates people, and peace brings people together. And this is exactly what ORIENT calls for in its publications.

“And if we, young Turkmen, will be worthy pupils of the heroes of the bloodiest war in the history of mankind, then we can carry all before one. Like our ancestors, far and near,” Dovletdjan said.

He also asked the editorial board of ORIENT to send best regards and low bow along with wishes of good health and long life to all war veterans, so that young Turkmen people continue to learn the lessons of Victory and Peace from them and be the guardians of peace.

Aleksandr BAYRIYEV