Lee Ee Hoe: Turkmenistan – one of your must-see countries

Lee Ee Hoe: Turkmenistan – one of your must-see countries

The Malaysian English-language newspaper The Star Online published the article “Make Turkmenistan one of your must-see countries”. The author of the material – the founder of the popular travel company in Malaysia “Apple Vacations”, columnist, author of several books in the field of the leisure industry, the famous traveler Lee Ee Hoe shares his impressions of staying in our country, which became the 126th stop in his “track record” as a wanderlust.

“Turkmenistan is a country that carries the historical burden of wars and natural disasters. But God has also bestowed upon it a wealth of resources in the form of oil and gas. Throughout the years, the country has learnt to embrace change and progress in urban aesthetics. We may think that Turkmenistan is very different from our own country, but it is this uniqueness that makes it a destination worth visiting”, writes the traveler, also known as Leesan.

“Turkmenistan only gained independence in 1991 but has unexpectedly become one of today’s top powers among the five Central Asian countries situated along the ancient Silk Road. The government today actively carries a planned economy strategy and contributes equal welfare, medicine and free education for life for all its citizens”, he continues.

Leesan describes his emotions when he first set foot in the white marble Turkmen capital: “Our plane flew from the ancient city of Mary to the country’s capital, the city of Ashgabat. The first impression of this city that began to develop in 1881 is that of an overachiever displaying his strength. The night lights in the evening dazzle like in Las Vegas – such a beautiful sight!”

“I admire the dominance of the white blocks of residential towers, government offices, and the state-owned stores in the city. The roads are spacious, bright and dust-free, while 90% of the cars are also white, exuding a clean feeling”, said the traveler from Malaysia about the concept of improvement of modern Ashgabat.

He was particularly delighted with the “thousands of Italian marble buildings on every street in the city, neatly arranged and beautifully shaped.” According to Lee, “it’s an amazing sight to behold, and definitely something tourists can enjoy.”

“The government built this new area that incorporates many international designer’s works. You can see this in the street lamps, eco-friendly pedestrian streets, green parks, large monuments, huge sculptures, colourful fountains, bus stops, state-run shops, wedding palace and airports”, said Leesan.

As the guest from Malaysia stressed, “It is only in the 28th year of development but its infrastructures and educational achievements are enough for me to drool.”

Leesan, as an experienced tourist who has toured almost half of the world, dispels the talks that the streets of the Turkmen capital are not so crowded. “This is just reckless as I can assure you none of rumours is true!”, he testifies.

And, of course, Lee Ee Hoe, in addition to numerous pictures of the majestic Merv and the eternally blazing Darwaza, keeps in his heart warm memories of the hospitality of the Turkmen people, inspired him to the following words: “The historically experienced and ethnically mixed Turkmenistan have streets full of handsome and healthy men and women, all smiling at each other.”

Recall that from February 2020, “Turkmen Airlines” plans to launch a flight to the capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur. It is assumed that air links between the two countries will contribute to an increase in mutual tourist flows.