Lebedev: rumours about the CIS collapse are too early!

Lebedev: rumours about the CIS collapse are too early!

Rumors about the collapse of the Commonwealth of Independent States are too early! It was said by Sergey Lebedev, Executive Secretary of the CIS, during a press conference on the outcomes of the session of the CIS Council of the Heads of the Governments held in Ashgabat.

“Rumors about the end of the Commonwealth, that the CIS is about the collapse, are completely unjustified! We are looking forward; we are planning for many years ahead – for decades ahead! ”

Lebedev said it, making as an example a signed document on the preparation of the Draft Interstate Programme of Innovative Cooperation of the CIS countries … until 2030!

“The document that was presented and signed today confirms this fact,” Sergey Nikolayevich underlined, meaning the vitality and prospects of the Commonwealth as a format for cooperation between countries located on the most part of the Eurasian continent.

He also noted that 10 CIS states were represented at the meeting of the Council of Heads of Government, while expressed regret that Ukraine did not send its representative to participate at the forum.

Lebedev also told reporters on the progress of another important document initiated by Turkmenistan – the Declaration on Strategic Economic Cooperation, which is being prepared for signing at a meeting of the CIS Council of the Heads of State scheduled for October 11 in Ashgabat.

The issues related to innovative development, the protection of intellectual property rights, the interaction of customs authorities were among topics discussed today. In these areas, decisions were made and documents signed. In addition, agreements on cooperation in the field of basic research and museum work were signed.

The Russian side, and specifically the head of the delegation, Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation, Dmitriy Medvedev, proposed holding the next session of the CIS Council of the Heads of the Governments in Moscow on October 25, 2019. Everyone supported the proposal to hold the next session there, which will also be chaired by Turkmenistan.

On behalf of himself, on behalf on the CIS Executive Committee, Sergey Lebedev expressed heartfull gratitude to the leadership of Turkmenistan and, above all, President Berdimuhamedov, for his assistance and support not only in holding this meeting, but also in general in organizing interaction within the Commonwealth of Independent States.

“Despite of its associated membership, Turkmenistan actively participates in integration cooperation, we feel this, and I received assurances from president that Turkmenistan would continue to be an active participant in cooperation within the CIS,” Sergey Nikolayevich said.