Leather Crafts and Even More: Fantasy World of Nelya Ibragimova

Leather Crafts and Even More: Fantasy World of Nelya Ibragimova

Genuine leather items are always in trend and stylish. For centuries, they have been very popular and very much in vogue just in spite of anything.

As it turned out, a craftswoman who knows the leather craft secrets lives in Ashgabat. Her name is Nelya Ibragimova, she is an extraordinary person as a fairy from a fairy forest. She makes fabulous and beautiful handicrafts.

As a fan of Scandinavian history, the Viking and the Mumi-trolls, Nelya turns ordinary household items into real works of art.

“I really like working with leather, I like its smell. After graduating from the art school, I started working in an atelier where I remade clothes,” Nelya says.

Now she is trying to make a variety of items and she is doing pretty well. Nelya Ibragimova has made wallets, exclusive passport covers and many other leather handicrafts.

All of her works are in demand with friends; someone asks to make a personalized amulet or leather handbag as a gift for friends who live abroad.

The key to success of Nelya is to share the art.

“When my child became very ill, I thought that if I give all toys that I make for my kids as a gift to unknown children, then my son will get better. I presented children with almost all the toys. And very soon my son got well again.”

Indeed, the toys that Nelya makes from coarse calico do not look like “teddy bears” from shop. They are fabulous characters, with their strange names that the author gives them. Rojik – a monster bunny, Gnup – a forest elf, Shplek – an art doll and many other funny toys that live in the artist’s fantasy world.

The author has the very tender approach to each of her item. Any ordinary wooden spoon, ceramic cup, saucer – everything becomes a creative object for Nelya Ibragimova. In her collection, there are figurines, jewelry, paintings, and most recently, Peppermint Hydrolat – self-created product.

The Peppermint Hydrosol or Hydrolat is organic and pure natural. It is obtained by steam distillation of the plant. It can be used both in the cosmetology and as a natural aroma.

The self-made leather wings is of specially respect. Nelya wears them when she goes for walk or work. And she does not care about reaction of others. Nelya gives advice to all young craftsmen.

“The main thing is to do what you like without looking back at anyone. Create your way. As to me, I always do what I like and makes me happy.”

Svetlana MAYAK