Lavrov said that Russia is ready to join the projects CASA-1000 and TAPI

Lavrov said that Russia is ready to join the projects CASA-1000 and TAPI

Russia is ready to join the CASA-1000 and TAPI energy projects, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, commenting on the results of the talks between the heads of foreign ministries of Kyrgyzstan and Russia in Bishkek at a press conference. This was reported by the agency Sputnik.

“At the early stage of the CASA-1000 project, the TAPI project, which is also energetically interesting enough, our companies expressed their willingness to get involved, if that is the interest of the countries concerned,” said Lavrov. The Russian Foreign Minister noted that the Russian side is ready to consider possible conditions for cooperation.

The CASA-1000 electricity project and the construction of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline provide for the involvement of Afghanistan in their implementation. CASA-1000 will contribute to meeting Afghanistan’s electricity needs, and TAPI will contribute to natural gas. At the same time, Turkmenistan, being the initiator of the TAPI gas project, is also involved in providing the Afghan population with electricity.

Turkmen electricity is supplied to the northern provinces of Afghanistan on preferential terms. Taking into account the appeals of the Afghan side to increase the supply of electricity, the Turkmen energy sector is currently building the relevant infrastructure, which will make it possible to increase the supply of Turkmen electricity to the neighboring state.

As for the TAPI project, experts say that it will allow diversifying Turkmen gas exports, will help solve the social problems of Afghanistan, and Pakistan and India will provide energy resources for further economic development.