“Last Christmas” – a New Year hit with a story

“Last Christmas” – a New Year hit with a story

What is a symbol of any holiday for us? What we treat with great trepidation is tradition.

Each of us remembers what New Year’s tangerines taste like. He knows the plot of Kevin’s adventures from the cult film Home Alone.

Many people know the amazing story of the birth of one of the most popular Christmas songs, Last Christmas. This has been told in writing more than once, and lovers of melodic, romantic, and to some extent sad, but beautiful songs told each other. Despite the considerable age of three and a half ten years, this song continues to live. And not only in the memoirs of those under fifty.

So, a member of the Wham group, Andrew Ridgeley, being a big fan of Manchester United, once in February came to visit the home of his colleague George Michael. This Sunday evening, at dinner, they recalled how once in their school years, playing the piano here, indulged in writing, and simply played music in their free time.

After dinner, at the request of Andrew, they included a review of the Red Devils match. Everyone was watching TV in the living room when George suddenly jumped up, mumbled something like “I have to go” under my nose and ran to the second floor to the music room.

His parents, Jack and Leslie, looked at Rigley in bewilderment, but he only shrugged.

After some time, George, returning to the living room, solemnly cried out:

– Damn it, Andy, get up! You have to hear it!

And he played the bewitching and brooding melody of the Last Christmas chorus.

“It was that very moment of the birth of the miracle …” Rigley later recalled. – He put a love story on this motive and hooked the hearts of millions.

That evening, the upcoming hit was recorded on a four-channel tape recorder. And in August 1984, the finished song was recorded in the studio, where the man-orchestra George Michael single-handedly played all the instruments.

Last Christmas was the first full-fledged hit by Wham and George Michael himself. He became so popular that fans performed it as a farewell song after the death of the artist. What is significant – at the stadium in Manchester they performed it, paying tribute to the author. And after that it repeatedly sounded at football matches.

By Christmas 2019, Sony Music Entertainment converted the video for this song to 4K quality. Also this year a full-length film of the same name was released on large screens – a truly magical story. And this is an excellent occasion to watch it with your favorite ones.

Or maybe, as the lines say, “give love to someone special.”