Kyrgyzstan negotiates electricity purchase with Turkmenistan

Kyrgyzstan negotiates electricity purchase with Turkmenistan

Kyrgyzstan is negotiating the purchase of electricity from Central Asian countries, the head of the National Energy Holding, Aitmamat Nazarov, told Sputnik Kyrgyzstan.

According to him, negotiations are underway with Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. And the need for the purchase of electricity is caused by a decrease in water in the Toktogul reservoir.

Also Kyrgyzstan has an increase in electricity consumption by 1.5-3 percent per year, which requires either an increase in electricity imports or an increase in capacity at hydroelectric power stations.

“Kyrgyzstan plans to import up to 1 billion kilowatt-hours from neighboring countries, but it’s too early to talk about the cost and volume of deliveries from each direction,” Aitmamat Nazarov said.

Turkmenistan is one of the main suppliers of natural gas and electricity in the region. The country has built a network of power plants equipped with high-performance gas turbines, including those produced by the American company General Electric. In Soviet times, Turkmenistan supplied surplus electricity to the common Central Asian energy system, which allowed neighboring republics not to experience a shortage of electricity during winter loads.