Kurban Berdiyev can head CSKA

Kurban Berdiyev can head CSKA

Unsatisfactory results of the performance of the football club CSKA in the tournament «Europa League» where the team took last fourth place in group, and a prolonged series of matches without victories in the championship of Russia, led to the resignation of the acting head coach Victor Mihailovich Goncharenko.

In case of bad result in the last match of the current year against the club “Rostov”, which CSKA will hold on the field of its opponent on December 17, the application for resignation according to the club press-service will be satisfied.

Famous sports journalist Vasily Utkin informed that then the former player of CSKA Vasily Berezutsky and twice leading Kazan “Ruby” to gold medals the famous Turkmen football trainer, the best trainer of Russia of 2009 Kurban Berdiyev will become major candidates for the post.

The most of experts are sure that Berdiyev, who perfectly works with young talents, can lead the club to the goal put before players before start of tournament, namely finish the championship with the first or second place. Such result would allow CSKA to take part again in the autumn of 2021 in the tournament “Champions League”.

One of the authoritative experts, whose opinion is important for heads of the team, is Valery Nepomnyaschy. The trainer, who more than 20 years worked in Turkmenistan, perfectly knows Kurban Bekievich by his teamwork in Turkey. And with the president of CSKA Evgenie Giner Valery Kuzmich in jointly worked from 2011 to 2014, being his adviser. According to Nepomnyaschy the basic advantage of Berdiyev is ability intelligibly to explain the requirements. Thus the trainer feels players and does not ask from them more than they can execute. And the main thing is that Berdiyev can to work with any team.

Despite the bad relations between Berdiyev and Giner in the past, now under Utkin’s statement: «all conflict situations are settled, and the army club is the ambitious project».

According to the expert, the approach as much as possible suits to work of Berdiyev under style “red-dark blue”, and the trainer just is in job search.

If Berdiyev wants to work with CSKA and to achieve the purposes as the trainer, he should come and be responsible for matches, and all training process. The link between Giner – Berdiyev in CSKA looks, according to the commentator, is very perspective.