Kraft paper: eco-friendly packaging in Turkmenistan

Kraft paper: eco-friendly packaging in Turkmenistan

At the international construction exhibition in Ashgabat (August 29-31), environmentally friendly wrapping Kraft paper was presented among the achievements in the field of materials processing and recycling.

The packaging of two colors (bleached and brown) is created on an eco-basis from wood waste and does not contain harmful chemical impurities that adversely affect human health and the environment.

The main property of bags and sacks for food and building bulk materials is to preserve the initial characteristics of the packaged product. Kraft paper can perfectly compete with polyethylene. It does not swell at temperature drops, it is ideal for packaging foodstuffs as it lets in oxygen, and, at the same time, it reliably protects against moisture, and is strong and durable.

The manufacturer Yedidogan is the only company in Turkmenistan engaged in the development of craft products. Over two years since opening, the company has developed its corporate identity, producing various, and always recognizable packaging products.

It should be noted that, first of all, the company focuses on the environmental friendliness of its products.

– We have a large choice of gift wrapping and paper bags,” company representative Meylis Abdyrasulov tells. – In addition, taking into account the marketing goals, we have developed our own package design for traditional among the Turkmens charitable treats – “hudayoly”, weddings, and other events. For example, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, themed bags “Love is” go on sale.

Products of the company are in high demand, both among wholesale buyers and private individuals.

– Our products are bought by the Turkmen Confectionery Company Talhan for packaging flour products, Duty Free shops and construction organizations. There are bags of various shapes and designs with and without handles. The buyer can be purchase all goods online on our website.

– We plan to expand production by opening a second plant for the manufacture from biologically pure materials of packaging bags for chips, seeds, crackers, etc.

Of course, the advantages of eco-paper products are quite large. Craft packaging is widely used in medicine, trade and industry, in the food industry market. Natural materials are, first of all, organics and style.

It is also of no little importance that eco-paper does not pollute the environment, is easily disposed of, and becomes a priority for most companies that guarantee the quality of their products, packed in Kraft paper.

Svetlana MAYAK