Kombucha – a health and longevity elixir

Kombucha – a health and longevity elixir

Throughout many centuries our grandmothers and grandfathers grew in bottles a strange substance called as “tea mushroom”. From it a sweet-sour drink which not bad satisfied thirst during the summer period, turned out. Today «tea kvass» is not less popular, and the trend on the healthy way of life returns this drink to the table with its historical name – kombucha.

Kombucha is made from “tea mushroom” and it is tea because a liquid basis of the drink is made of the most ordinary tea. The improbably tasty and useful nectar is vitamin-rich, capable to support the immune system, to overcome sleeplessness and headaches. Tincture from tea mushroom is an effective reme-dy for colds of the top respiratory tracts.

Kombucha is possible to find on counters of shops or to prepare by oneself. Some Turkmen women are well informed on benefits of tea mushroom and continue to plant it under house conditions. Recipes as however, and mush-room itself, are given from hand to hand. Resident of Ashgabat Sofia Pavlovna has shared with us her recommendations on preparation of kombucha.

– To grow tea mushroom under house conditions is not difficult, – Sofia tells. – The mushroom itself, tea leaves, boiled water, little sugar, a three-litre contain-er and gauze for this purpose is required. To taste it is possible to add berries, fruit or medicinal herbs. Before placing mushroom in a container, it needs to be washed out carefully under running water.

– In a teapot to make not strong tea, to add sugar, to mix and cool to room temperature. The container prepared in advance is covered with gauze so that at tea transfusion, tea leaves or sugar should not damage mushroom. After-wards over a cup of tea cooled boiled water is poured into the container. Close the container with gauze and leave it in a dark cool place for 5-7 days.

The drink finds curative properties by fermentation of acetic bacteria and sweet tea. The live bacteria containing in the drink, promote appetite awaken-ing, facilitates digestive process, positively influence liver and gall bladder work. To people with intolerance of lactose – kombucha can serve as an excel-lent substitute of sour-milk products.

– Tea kvass or kombucha – excellent means for oral cavity and nose rinsing, – continues Sofia. – It stops inflammatory processes in the throat and helps for cold. It also prevents stomatitis and other infections. But all is good when it is used moderately, the drink needs with dose and with the raised acidity in the organism it is better to people to refuse from such drink.

The tea mushroom demands attention and correct care. It is necessary to fill it with sweet tea every 3-4 days and about once a week to wash it under running water. The container categorically is not recommended to be closed with a cov-er, otherwise the mushroom can be lost. The brown film appearing on the sur-face of the drink, testifies that the solution needs to be changed completely.

Kombucha is a drink from ancient China, Asians name it an elixir of health and longevity. Today the tea mushroom is cultivated in Russia, Europe and Asia. It grows in sugar solutions all year long, and many companies have ad-justed drink manufacture in vast scales.

Selbi Charyeva