Kindergarten – a territory for learning foreign languages

Kindergarten – a territory for learning foreign languages

Most kids from one and a half years old, and sometimes a little older, after an atmosphere of home comfort and parental care, find themselves in a new world for them – kindergarten. And then this preschool institution becomes a second home for them, where they not only immerse themselves in an atmosphere of love and care, but also receive basic knowledge under the supervision of teachers and educators.

Turkmenistan has a large number of specialized preschool institutions equipped with innovative technologies that are effectively used in the educational process, including in the study of foreign languages – Russian, English, French, etc.

The ORIENT correspondent visited one of these preschool institutions – specialized kindergarten #160 in the city of Ashgabat, where German is taught from the age of four, and Russian – from the age of five.

As soon as you step into the territory of the kindergarten, you immediately get the feeling that you are in a paradise – there are flowers around, shady trees, funny figures, playgrounds and sports grounds, equipped taking into account the age characteristics of the local inhabitants.

And when you enter a preschool institution, you feel that you are involuntarily returning to the magical world of childhood, which is facilitated by the bright, “fabulous” decoration of the foyer, corridors and rooms where kids frolic.

The energetic and caring Tadzhigul Mammetgulyeva is the head of the friendly team of teachers and educators.

“For all the people working here pedagogy and the educational process is not just a profession, but a way of life,” she says.

“The collective of the kindergarten is making every effort to make the stay of children here comfortable, interesting and useful,” continues Tadzhigul Amanovna.

The kindergarten accepts children from the age of two, and from the age of three, computers, a multimedia board and other modern equipment are used in the classroom, which makes the first lessons of curious kids really exciting

“In our kindergarten, children begin to learn the German language from the age of four, and a year later, from the age of five, they begin to study Russian in depth,” says Tadzhigul Amanovna.

In addition, the educational process is designed in such a way that even during the games children learn foreign languages, and all events are held in Turkmen, Russian and German.

– Preschool age is ideal for learning a second language in a playful way. Our task is to ensure that all children who attend our kindergarten are prepared to study at the nearby specialized school #29.

As the kindergarten teacher Altyn Gylydzhova says, all work with children is based on a personal approach, all classes are conducted at the level of children’s perception.

“The modern world is changing rapidly, today’s children are completely different, more developed, free, independent,” says Altyn. – To strengthen the relationship between kids, kindergarten and parents, and for the comprehensive development of our pupils, we conduct open lessons, events, competitions in foreign languages.

The most visited place in the kindergarten is a methodological room. It is a center for collection, generalization, and dissemination of advanced pedagogical experience. It also hosts training seminars for teachers and educators of other preschool institutions

– Education must keep pace with the time. Therefore, every day in our kindergarten is full of teaching and developing activities, and all our graduates continue their studies at a specialized school without any special difficulties, – says Altyn Gylydzhova.

When we left the building of the kindergarten, right across the street we saw the same specialized school number 29, where children, whose activities and games my colleague photographer and I watched with such interest today, will eventually go to study.

photos by Suleyman CHARYYEV