KAMAZ General Director spoke about the prospects of cooperation with Turkmenistan

KAMAZ General Director spoke about the prospects of cooperation with Turkmenistan

Director General of KAMAZ Public Joint Stock Company Sergey Kogogin arrived in Ashgabat on a working visit. This morning he was received by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. ORIENT asked about what was discussed at an audience with the head of Turkmenistan in a later conversation with Sergei Kogogin.

– The meeting was very fruitful. We have been cooperating with Turkmenistan for many years. And, of course, the support provided to KAMAZ personally by Mr. President is very important to us. For our part, we are doing everything so that our consumers, those who operate KAMAZ, would not feel any problems or discomfort. Today, the issue of developing a service network in Turkmenistan was discussed. The head of state gave us the task on a previous visit, so that we would work out the issue of building service centers in each region of the country,” said Sergey Kogogin.

And how did you manage to advance in completing this task?

– We prepared a project, in four regions of Turkmenistan we submitted requests for land. The project has been approved, and land will be leased to us so that we can build a regional service network. Modern technology requires careful attention in its operation and repair. Therefore, we assume all costs so that Turkmenistan, using our machines, is provided with modern service.

Were any new contracts considered at the president’s reception?

– We discussed issues of execution of already signed contracts. While we are doing everything on time. A significant part of the ordered consignment is already in Turkmenistan – almost 800 units under the contract of last year. We expect that this year we will complete deliveries far ahead of schedule.

Sergey Anatolyevich, what, in your opinion, are the prospects for the development of partnership between Turkmenistan and KAMAZ?

– For us, Turkmenistan is a very important market, given the large volume of construction ongoing in the country: road, housing, industrial. This means that equipment is in demand, because you cannot build roads or factories without cars. What are the prospects for us? KAMAZ this year begins to produce completely new cars designed from the standpoint of the latest trends in mechanical engineering. And we very much hope that in 2021, these cars will appear on the roads of Turkmenistan. This is a completely different level of environmental friendliness, comfort, and, of course, consumer characteristics: minimum fuel consumption, minimum noise accompaniment. Turkmenistan deserves to have the most modern technology on its wonderful highways, in rapidly developing cities.

 Turkmenistan has rather special climatic conditions. Is an option adapted to them planned, so to speak?

– We immediately design equipment suitable for use in the range from + 50 to – 50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, any special adaptation is not required, but without fail for each country we try to make what is most in demand in it. For example, for hot climates, more powerful air conditioners are provided. In the same regard, the white color of cars, which more effectively reflects the sun’s rays, reduces cab heating.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of neutrality of Turkmenistan. A few words about this, please.

– It was a serious political decision – to declare the country neutral. From my point of view, this is a very correct decision. Because neutrality allows you to take your economy more seriously, you probably pay less attention to issues of bloc states when a country has mutual obligations when participating in a military bloc and this is always accompanied by risks and additional costs. The fact that Turkmenistan has acquired the status of a neutral country is very important and useful. Congratulations to all the Turkmen people on this great holiday.