Kabul will release 400 Taliban prisoners

Kabul will release 400 Taliban prisoners

On Sunday, delegates to the Loya Jirga (People’s Congress) decided to release 400 Taliban prisoners. The final declaration emphasizes that following their release, inter-Afghan negotiations should begin immediately. In addition, the document calls on the Taliban to declare a ceasefire without preconditions, afghanistan.ru reports.

The delegates noted that if there are foreign nationals among 400 prisoners, then they should be handed over to the authorities of their countries. The Loya Jirga participants also called upon the negotiating team of Kabul to defend the fundamental provisions contained in the current Constitution of the country at the upcoming negotiations with the Taliban.

In turn, IRA President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani promised today to issue a decree on the release of prisoners and called on the Taliban to agree to the demand for a ceasefire.

As part of an agreement with the United States, the Government of Afghanistan has undertaken to release 5 thousand Taliban prisoners. However, the Afghan authorities subsequently refused to release 400 prisoners due to their involvement in serious crimes. To resolve this issue, the Loya Jirga was convened on the initiative of Ghani. The meeting was attended by 3200 delegates.