John Deer presented agricultural autopilot machinery in Turkmenbashi

John Deer presented agricultural autopilot machinery in Turkmenbashi

“Today we present John Deer equipment here, which can become part of the Program of the head of Turkmenistan on digitalization of the agricultural sector,” says Colin Nelson, the company’s operating manager.

Among the “stars”, it’s a massive technique that can be used on autopilot.

– We’ve brought three tractors, equipped with up-to-date technology to Turkmenistan. They are connected to the satellites from which they receive signals about the equipment location, and also to the GSM network on mobile devices. All information, received during the day, is sent to the Central control, where it is decoded and analyzed.

Keeping informed, experts can calculate crop acreage, monitor the equipment condition, fuel consumption and men-hours, design sowing campaigns in accordance with seasonal changes of weather, etc.

– There is less opportunity to mistake on any of the successive steps in the process of sowing or harvesting. And the most important things – over the years of this equipment use and the accumulation of analytical information, one may calculate certain actions in advance, for example, to plan irrigation or fertilizer application.

According to Colin Nelson, for more accurate work “in the field”, technology needs to touch with several satellites at the same time.

– At least, with three to pinpoint position of the device. Accuracy of the location then reaches ±11 centimeters. The more satellites are associated with it, the more accurate the result is. The final error is 2.5 centimeters. It will be enough 5-10 satellites to get the most correct results.

And the launch of the second Turkmen satellite may be the beginning.

– What about the tractors, working on autopilot… Nevertheless, a man is needed here. The operator must visually make sure that everything is in order and monitor safety. The machine will do the rest. The program can make the movement along the line from point A to point B. It will calculate the area of the field and make itself as many repetitions of the route as necessary. It is also completely self-contained on turns and u-turns. It is necessary just to press the button and start.