Joe Biden has supported an immediate withdrawal of troops of the USA from Afghanistan

Joe Biden has supported an immediate withdrawal of troops of the USA from Afghanistan

Joe Biden has supported an immediate withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. He made this statement on Thursday in Los Angeles (State of California) during TV debates of candidates for the post of US president US from the Democratic Party. As informs TASS, translation of TV debates is conducted by TV channel PBS.

Biden underlined that, being the vice-president under Barack Obama, he supported to carry out the policy concerning Afghanistan, based exclusively on fight against terrorism and not providing serious intervention of the USA in internal affairs.

«Restoration of this country completely as nation is beyond our possibilities», – the politician specified.

«First of all as the president of the United States of America I will make sure that all our armies will come back home and I will begin negotiations with the “Taliban”, – Biden underlined.

Thus, he noted that he intends to leave in the territory of Afghanistan a small group of «armies of special purpose which could reflect a possible threat if we cannot manage to carry out good enough negotiations on fight against terrorism».

Us Defense Secretary Mark Esper during visit to Kabul at the end of October stated that the USA can reduce the number of the contingent in Afghanistan as much as 8,6 thousand military men without damage to struggle against terrorist groupings operating in this country.

Now in the territory of Afghanistan there are about 14 thousand American military men who are occupied by preparation of the Afghani army, and also directly participate in fighting operations against the Taliban.

Military operation in Afghanistan has been going on already for more than 18 years – since October, 2001. At the zenith of campaign, in 2010-2013, the number of the western forces in this country exceeded 150 thousand persons. The basic combatant forces of the USA and the NATO were withdrawn from Afghanistan in 2014.

Now Joe Biden is considered by political scientists, as the most probable candidate for the post of the US president from Democratic Party in 2020.
Here distinction of approaches of the American political elite and the neighbouring countries of Afghanistan is remarkable. Biden at once declares that restoration of Afghanistan is beyond possibilities of the USA. While neighbours of Afghanistan in the region are ready to assist in restoration of the country , and already help the Afghani people, without waiting the termination of military operations.

Nury Amanov