Japan will create a Tourist Health Monitoring Center

Japan will create a Tourist Health Monitoring Center

In March next year, the Japanese government will organize a Center to monitor the health of foreign visitors during their stay under the COVID-19 pandemic conditions. This is due to the country’s plans to host small tourist groups ahead of the rescheduled Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Thus, foreign visitors will be required to register their passport numbers in the center’s database system and enter daily updating about their health status for two weeks.

If a person is suspected of being infected with the virus, the center will provide consultations in several languages. The information collected at the center will be available for public health institutions and prefectural authorities, as well as the venues of the games.

The health monitoring point will develop instructions for hotels and travel agencies on how to respond if a visitor becomes infected with the virus.

The government plans to allow small tourist groups to arrive for the purpose of upturn in tourist demand, as the number of visitors to Japan fell by 85.1% over January to October period.

Visitors will have to take a PCR test for the virus and submit the results before entering, as well as purchase health insurance.