Italy wants to advance its know-how in import substitution in Turkmenistan

Italy wants to advance its know-how in import substitution in Turkmenistan

– We can exceed 200 million euro by mutual goods turnover in 2019, – the general director of the Italian trading-investment agency (ITA) Roberto Luongo at the Turkmen-Italian business forum told on Wednesday, November 6.

The forum was held in Milan, at the hotel Rosa Grand’s conference hall. Turkmen vice-premiers Chary Gylyjev and Rashid Meredov, some ministers, heads from oil and gas and bank spheres, the head of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan took part in it.

From the hosting side there was vice-president of the Italian region Lombardy Fabritsio Sala, the ambassador of Italy in Turkmenistan Diego Ungaro and representatives of business establishment, managing directors of large companies-manufacturers and financial institutions.

Besides a direct commodity exchange there are many other channels of export-import, Roberto Luongo told, having mentioned among them the trading-companies from such countries as Turkey, Russia. «That is we have an extensive network of ways of interaction through which we can involve today», he told. By the way, at the forum at Milan there were main representatives of offices ITA in Istanbul and Ashgabat.

Here that Luongo also said to the Italian businessmen, bringing them to the point of view of Turkmenistan as an investment direction with great future:

– Now it is not so simply country with impressive stocks of oil and gas raw materials. On the contrary, now it is the country which is engaged in import replacing potential and gains more and more the increasing economic independence. And Italy as a leading manufacturer of technologies, installations, and engineering decisions can play an important role in it.

There are classical aspects where Italy is very well presented – textiles, agricultural industry, car industry … Therefore we, really, can put at disposal of Turkmen partners our “know-how” in these areas, – Roberto Luongo told.