Italian Opera in Ashgabat: Leoncavallo’s world masterpiece in a new production

Italian Opera in Ashgabat: Leoncavallo’s world masterpiece in a new production

The Ashgabat Magtymguly Music and Drama Theater hosts rehearsals of the opera Pagliacci by Italian composer Ruggiero Leoncavallo.

Theater production director Daniele de Plano arrived in Ashgabat specifically to produce a joint opera performance with artists of Turkmenistan and Italy as part of the 3rd International Theater Festival.

The production involves the State Symphony Orchestra of Turkmenistan under the direction of conductor Resul Klychev.

The role of main character Canio, the owner of a troupe of wandering comedians, will be played by Italian opera actor, tenor Francesco Anile. His repertoire had many main parts, and he is widely known in his homeland.

In Ashgabat, stage partners of Francesco will be the Honored Artist of Turkmenistan, teacher at the Turkmen National Conservatory, soprano Bibijemal Amanova, who will play the role of Nedda, the main character’s wife. Baritone Ismail Jumayev and tenor Nury Nuryyev will play Tonio and Beppo, the parts of actors of a troupe. Young peasant Silvio will be personified by baritone Amangeldy Amanov, a solo singing department head at the TNC.

– This legendary opera has everything – feelings, passions, emotions, love and deadly jealousy, tragedy and comedy, symphony orchestra conductor Resul Klychev says. – The composer wrote it on his own libretto; the author sought to portray life itself…, and he was inspired by the truth. Amazingly beautiful vocal parts, complex drama – I hope that Turkmen art lovers will have an opportunity to plunge into the world of heroes and “live” an amazing story with them.

– It is very interesting for us to collaborate with Italian colleagues,” project concertmaster, senior teacher at the Turkmen National Conservatory Stella Faramazova says. – Daniel de Plano carefully checks everything according to the director’s script, sets staging, practicing every gesture, head turning. He constantly consults with the conductor, and is good-natured to all artists.

The long-awaited event is coming on November 19 when the Italian opera Pagliacci will be performed on the Turkmen stage. Organizers promise that opera admirers will have something to enjoy.

The performance starts at 19:00, admission is free.