Italian director – about joint Pagliacci Opera performance and potential of Turkmen artists

Italian director – about joint Pagliacci Opera performance and potential of Turkmen artists

Soon, for the third time, Turkmenistan will host the International Theater Festival and many participants from different countries will be gathered. One of guests is Italian Director Daniele de Plano, who is currently working at the Turkmen National Music and Drama Theater named after Makhtumkuli on the performance of Pagliacci Opera by Ruggero Leoncavallo.

Daniele de Plano directed successfully opera performances not only in Italy, but also in theaters in Australia and Greece, and now – he stages the work at the Turkmen stage.

Daniele, would you, please, tell us about the idea of a joint Turkmen-Italian performance …

– The idea came from a cultural dialogue between the two countries. The cooperation is developing rapidly and more active, and I am pleased to contribute to it. I know that in 2017, a concert of classical music composed of works by Italian composers with the participation of Italian and Turkmen musicians took place here, and in 2018, an opera concert celebrating the 150th anniversary of Gioachino Rossini’s death was organized. So, the joint performance of Turkmen and Italian musicians has become a good tradition.

Would you, please, tell a few words about the Pagliacci Opera?

– Leoncavallo is a representative of the Italian opera school of the late XIX and early XX centuries. His work is characterized by simplicity and a real-life origin; his characters are ordinary people with their passions. He remains largely known for Pagliacci, one of the most popular works in the repertory. Upon its world premiere, Pagliacci was instantly successful with the public and has remained so ever since as the most-performed opera worldwide.

We know that Turkmenistan in recent years has paid great attention to the revival of national opera, and I had the honor to stage the first European opera for last many years in your theater, and it is the oopera of Italian composer, which will be performed in Italian, in the original.

– How do you briefly describe the dramaturgy of the Pagliacci?

– This lyrical opera shows all the sincerity and feelings of heroes. Leoncavallo wanted to show a true life as the story unfolds. The story has a real-life origin and it is happened in one of the Italian villages, therefore the music of the opera is full of emotional expression with love and jealousy, sincere lyrics and deep suffering.

– Would you, please, introduce the artists who are involved in the opera?

– There are five main characters in the opera. This is Canio, who played by Italian tenor Francesco Anile. He worked in many theaters not only in Italy, but also worldwide – in Russia, the USA, India, Japan and in other countries. The role of Nedda is played by soprano Bibi Amanova, Baritone Ismail Jumaev and baritone Aman Amanov will play Tonio and Silvio. Peppe will be personified by the youngest and most talented tenor Nury Nuryev. All of them represent the higher musical school of Turkmenistan – the National Conservatory. The opera involves wonderful musicians of the the State Symphonic Orchestra of Turkmenistan under the direction of conductor Resul Klychev and the State Choir of the the National Cultural Center of Turkmenistan.

– How do you appraise the collaboration with Turkmen artists?

– I would like to note the following. Despite the fact that the opera is performed for the first time on the Turkmen stage in Italian, Turkmen opera artists have carefully prepared in terms of pronunciation, they are very artistic, they know what they are singing about, and it can be seen from the way of performing the role. As for the fact that we speak different languages, it is not a problem at all and it does not matter, as the language of music is universal, and therefore, it is a pleasure working with Turkmen colleagues.

In the production of the opera, I would also emphasize the great role of the choir and Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Resul Klychev. Also, my special thanks to the project concertmaster Stella Faramazova for her assistance during rehearsals.

As for the scenery on the stage and the costumes of the heroes, Turkmen artists and masters made them according to our Italian sketches.

– In future, do you have any plan to continue the dialogue with Turkmen musicians?

– Turkmen vocalists, choristers and orchestra musicians have very good potential. The most important thing is that there are desire and aspiration to creative exchange. Let us hope for new investments and new projects. After all, art brings people together, and in this regard, such serious joint projects as opera performances give a powerful impetus to the development of professional contacts.

What would you like to wish to the Turkmen artists?

– I wish the great success in the creative activities to Turkmenistan and Turkmen artists; we look forward to new opera productions and premieres. I would like to add, I really liked Ashgabat – a clean white-marble city, beautiful theaters! Of course, I would like to come once again to this wonderful city. I hope our current experiment would be the starting point of more intensive Turkmen-Italian music ties.