It’s good to create: launch boomerangs of good!

It’s good to create: launch boomerangs of good!

All charity events begin with a selfless desire to help someone who needs support and participation at the moment. This is such a social force, which, on the one hand, testifies to the moral health of society, and on the other hand, helps to maintain and strengthen this health.

ORIENT often talks about such good deeds, responding to the stories of our readers or publications on social networks. We also paid attention to the announcement in the popular messenger in Turkmenistan that from July 20 to September 20 a charity event from the Hairstyle salon is held in Ashgabat – free haircuts for children from large families.

ORIENT correspondent talked with the organizer of the action Elizaveta Tagiyeva and learned how to realize a noble impulse.

As Elizabeth told us, it all started small. Her housemates often turned to her with a request to get a haircut, and according to local customs, it was not customary to take money from neighbors for a service, even if it was a professional one, it was already instituted.

“To be honest, yes, it’s nice to feel useful to people when you are valued for what you can do,” Elizabeth admits. – It’s more worthy than any money.

Professionalism makes it possible to make good money. But there is something else in any skill – the desire and the ability to do their job just like an artist – not by order, bringing joy to people and for their own pleasure.

– So you say “charity” – to do good, that is, to do good to someone free of charge,” Elizabeth argues. “But you are doing this good for yourself.” This is your desire to help someone. And this desire is not related to giving the person exactly what you know how to do well, but through this ability – to encourage him in the difficult time of his life, to show attention, inspire hope and faith. Today you helped someone, and tomorrow someone might help you. Goodness is a boomerang.

– For example, recently my colleague and I went to an orphanage and tonsured kids there. You won’t believe that they create so much energy in them, they are so radiant that any adult can envy their optimism. Still, they say correctly that we should learn from children to so directly enjoy life.

In addition to helping children, special attention is paid to the elderly and people with disabilities.

– It is always worth starting from personal experience, how would you yourself like to be treated. It is important and necessary to do good, this is our humanity. And in our campaign we will not focus on Ashgabat, but we plan to also visit the regions of Turkmenistan.

The charity campaign from Hairstyle will last until September 20. You can contact Elizabeth and find out more by calling +993 65 556092.