ISS crew aboard Soyuz MS-16 successfully returned to Earth

ISS crew aboard Soyuz MS-16 successfully returned to Earth

The landing of the descent vehicle of the Soyuz MS-16 manned transport vehicle has been successfully completed. In accordance with the flight program of the International Space Station, an international crew of Roscosmos cosmonauts Anatoly Ivanishin, Ivan Wagner and NASA astronaut Christopher Cassidy returned to Earth.

As Roskosmos reported in its official Telegram channel, “… the command to turn on the engine of the Soyuz MS-16 spacecraft for braking has passed normally.” This means that the ship itself was turned by the propulsion system forward along the flight path. And in 4.5 minutes of work, he extinguished the speed of rotation around the Earth and transferred the ship to a descent.

Soon after deceleration, the ship split into compartments, and the crew in the descent vehicle began to experience 4g overloads. The descent vehicle entered the Earth’s atmosphere, and after 8 minutes the command to enter the main parachute passed.

The landing took place 147 kilometers southeast of the city of Zhezkazgan in Kazakhstan, and took place, as expected, in adverse weather conditions.