Islamabad discuss the environmental aspects of TAPI gas pipeline

Islamabad discuss the environmental aspects of TAPI gas pipeline

Government of Pakistan is committed to ensure compliance of TAPI project with local and international environmental standards, reports Pakistani media.

This issue was discussed during the workshop held by Environmental Management Consultants Pakistan with participation of ministry for climate change of Pakistan. The event is a part of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment study of TAPI pipeline project in Pakistan.

“Government would provide assistance and coordination so that the TAPI pipeline project is built in accordance with different provincial environmental laws, guidelines, and regulations,” said Romina Khurshid Alam, parliamentary secretary for ministry of climate change.

She said the workshop’s recommendations and deliberations will be incorporate in plans for construction of this project to mitigate the maximum possible extent of any adverse social and environmental impacts of this pipeline.

In Pakistan the pipeline will cross two provinces Balochistan and Punjab, – having variant and complex topography of land, environmental, natural habitat, social, wildlife, and biodiversity features. According to former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) director general Asif Shuja Khan, all aspects would be taken into account in the ESIA study, which will suggest the best mitigation measures to lessen harmful impacts on environment, flora, fauna, natural resources, and habitat of these areas.

Four separate ESIA assessments were being undertaken by TAPI-member countries project one each for Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Khaled Nassar, team leader of NAFTEC/MAB (the international ESIA partner firm of the project), emphasized that TAPI project would be implemented to protect livelihood prospects of the local communities whereas it would also generate massive employment opportunities for the skilled people in the areas nearby to the gas pipeline.

The project will become as a supreme example of regional cooperation to overcome persisting energy shortfall in Pakistan and in neighbouring countries, stressed Shakeel Malik, additional secretary of ministry of climate change, commenting on TAPI project.

TAPI project would emerge as the national-level bench mark of compliance with environmental standards and regulations, he added.

Earlier, it was reported referring to Inter State Gas Systems (ISGS) that construction of gas line in Pakistan will start by June or mid July this year.