Is it possible to produce energy from rain?

Is it possible to produce energy from rain?

As known, development of technologies and increase in the population of the planet leads to increase of use of energy in the world. For this purpose scientists already now actively are engaged in search of alternative energy sources. The usual rain which each drop can give enough energy can become one of such rather infinite resources to light more than 100 LED-bulbs, confirms the portal

The rain can become an excellent source of electric power. Electric power development rainy days can become effective alternative of use of known power resources for today. In spite of the fact that all of us are still far from creation of umbrellas which would use energy of storm rain for the further heating of the whole building, last researches show that already today we are at a step from creation of the system, capable to light more than hundred light-emitting diode lamps at use only one drop of rain. The engineer-bio physician from Hong Kong asserts that the drop in 100 microliters of the water, from the height of 15 centimetres , can generate pressure from above 140 V, and capacity developed thus can shine 100 small LED-lamps.

To receive the maximum quantity of energy from each drop of water, engineers had to apply some smart tricks, finally allowed to transform energy of rain drops in electricity.

One of the key improvements, whom the team has built in the generator of electricity on the basis of drops, was film use polytetrafluorethylene or PTFE which is capable to accumulate a superficial charge while on it water drops continuously get. Getting on a device surface, water, gradually extending, connects two electrodes: an aluminium electrode and an electrode Indium tin oxide.

The formed drop bridge creates the closed surface, in which drops operate as resistors, and a superficial covering as the condenser. The similar approach can be used everywhere where water for any reasons hits about a firm surface, researchers confirm. So, as energy “receiver” can be not only a surface of the “rain” battery, but also even an internal part of a bottle with water, the case of a boat or the top part of a usual umbrella.

«Considerably increasing electric capacity of a falling drop of rain by means of transformation of kinetic energy of the water to which to it gravitation of our planet informs, rain energy can become a reliable source of a free renewed electricity», – chemists confirm.

Researchers consider that for creation of the device prepared for active and constant operation, they will spend about 5 years.