Is a mask an essential item, a fashion accessory or a symbol of the new world?

Is a mask an essential item, a fashion accessory or a symbol of the new world?

Worldly wisdom says: when fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade. Today, the pandemic made face masks an everyday essential item for everyone and people’s reaction is different. Some do not want to wear it, believing that the masks do them out of their individuality or for other reasons, while others take a brush and paints in their hands, turning their protective equipment into works of art. The coronavirus pandemic has made the mask a new fashion accessory that helps people be in trend in any situation – whether it a formal event or at the beach. This was proved, for example, by Madrid Fashion Week, in which both the public and the models on the stage wore masks.

The desire of a person to be individual even during a crisis has been put into consideration by fashion houses around the world, which have launched a line of fabric masks for every taste. The Givenchy fashion house has released a baseball cap with a matching snap-on mask. An Italian designer Tiziana Scaramuzzo, owner of Elexia Beachwear brand, has created a bathing suit to be worn during the coronavirus pandemic and she is calling it the trikini: a bikini with a matching face mask. Today, looking stylish means not only having a proper handbag, but also a mask and, of course, gloves. During the coronavirus pandemic, women of fashion adapted a medical mask for a stylish accessory: with feathers, flowers, lace. Picture masks for connoisseurs of beauty have been exhibited at the Pushkin Museum: Monet’s Water-Lily on lips, Degas’s Ballet Dancers on cheeks.

Applying a specific pattern or logo on a mask turns it into the item of great corporate accessory that protects workers while showing customers the value of your brand. High-ranking officials and celebrities have also begun to match masks to their suits for formal events. The trend “a mask that goes with dress in color and in fabric” is becoming popular. Many designers create incredibly glamorous masks decorated with strass, for example.

And someone goes even further amid the coronavirus pandemic that has led to a boom in face mask sales. According to Indian media, a jewelry store in the Indian city of Surat (Gujarat) on the background of the coronavirus pandemic sells protective masks decorated with diamonds, they cost from two to just over five thousand dollars. Shop owner told the reporters that the idea to create masks with diamonds came when a man who was supposed to have a wedding went to the store after the quarantine was lifted. He asked to make “unique” masks for the bride and groom. “Then we commissioned our designers to make such masks,” the owner said. According to him, the fabric that is the basis of these masks meets the standards for the manufacture of protective products. The diamonds and gold used for making masks can be removed at the customer’s request, and other jewelry can be made from them, the owner added.

A clever mask-translator developed by Japanese start-up proves the unlimited fantasy of humankind on the theme of the mask. The mask produced by Japanese Robotics company not only combats coronavirus infection, but also transcribes speech and translates Japanese into nine different languages – English, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese. The mask connects to a smartphone app over Bluetooth. Over the past years, the company has been working with Airport in Tokyo on robot translators and has adapted the technology from the translator robot into the mask. It will be made of plastic through a fundraiser on Japanese crowdfunding platform. The company has raised $260,000. The mask will cost $40. At first, the mask will be launched only in Japan, and a little later – in China, Europe and the US.