Iranian parliamentarians take up diplomatic solution to gas dispute with Turkmenistan

Iranian parliamentarians take up diplomatic solution to gas dispute with Turkmenistan

The head of the energy commission of the Majlis (Parliament) of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Fereydun Abbasi, commenting the issue of the Iranian-Turkmen gas dispute, expressed his confidence that his upcoming meeting with the Turkmen ambassador in Tehran will help make relations between the two countries stronger and stronger than before through parliamentary diplomacy…

Fereydun Abbasi in an interview with the Iranian parliamentary news agency ICANA said that today’s special meeting of the parliamentary energy commission was held in the presence of Iranian oil minister Bijan Zangane, who answered the questions of the deputies.

According to ICANA, one of the issues is related to the gas contract between Iran and Turkmenistan. According to the head of the energy commission, the oil minister commented on the bilateral gas contract and explained the additions to it, adopted in recent years, and the change in prices for Turkmen gas.

The resolution of the gas dispute will not affect Iran’s continued and will continue to maintain relations with Turkmenistan as a friendly neighboring country, Abbasi said. He also announced a quick meeting of the members of the Energy Commission of the Iranian Parliament with the Ambassador of Turkmenistan and added that it was decided to create a special committee to consider the relevant documents on the gas dispute.

Recall that recently the International Arbitration Court (ICA) announced its verdict on the Iranian-Turkmen gas dispute. According to the verdict, the details of which have not yet been disclosed, Iran must pay Ashgabat almost $ 2 billion to pay off its debt for gas purchased from Turkmenistan from 2007 to 2013.

The gas dispute between Turkmenistan and Iran arose in 2017, when the Iranian side announced that Turkmenistan had stopped gas supplies to the Islamic Republic from January 1, 2017. To this, the Foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan replied that Ashgabat was forced to cut gas supplies to Iran because of the large debt of the Iranian company for the gas supplied earlier. Despite lengthy negotiations, the parties could not come to an agreement, and the state concern Turkmengaz was forced to file a claim with the International Arbitration Court.

Bijan Zangane recently, at a press conference with reporters, commented for the first time on the decision of the International Arbitration Court on the Iranian-Turkmen gas dispute and said that approaches and ways of deciding how the debt will be repaid will be discussed.

The minister said that the people and government of Turkmenistan are friendly to Iran and that the Islamic Republic wants to work with the neighboring country in the long term.

The official added that Iran was unable to transfer money due to sanctions and will pay its debt to Turkmenistan, but international trade disputes arise and are being resolved, and it is not about who won, who lost and who is fined.

Dzhanmammed GULAMOV