Iran presents its own test system for identification of COVID-19

Iran presents its own test system for identification of COVID-19

The first test system for detecting COVID-19 coronavirus pneumonia was presented in Tehran on Saturday in the presence of Iran’s Vice President for Scientific Affairs Sorena Sattari, the IRNA News Agency reported.

Sorena Sattari said that Iran does not need to import equipment to fight the virus, and all requirement are covered domestically.

“Currently, two knowledge-based companies that have been able to obtain the necessary permits in the field of coronavirus diagnostic testing are producing 250,000 kits by mid-April. These companies have the opportunity to produce 100,000 tests a week,” said he.

“Other companies are also in the process of obtaining the necessary certificates to produce diagnostic tests for coronavirus, so we can conclude that we no longer need to import diagnostic tests,” added he.

Mr. Sattari also said that two companies started manufacturing artificial respirators and were able to meet the needs of Iranian hospitals.

The COVID-19 test system for detecting coronavirus pneumonia, developed by researchers at Sharif University of Technology, analyzes computed tomography of the chest through an artificial intellect algorithm. The reliability of the test results is 97%.

The head of the research center for information technology at the Sharif University, Hamid-Reza Rabiee on Saturday noted that a similar system currently exists in China and the United States.

The number of coronavirus infection cases in Iran has increased to 55,743 with 3,452 deaths. During the past 24 hours 2,560 new cases of coronavirus infection have been detected. A total of 19,736 recovery cases were recorded. On Saturday, the head of the Department of Public relations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education Kiyanush Jahanpur informed about this.