Iran is ready to bring the regional trade to a high level

Iran is ready to bring the regional trade to a high level

Eshaq Jahangiri, the First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran speaking at the plenary meeting of the 1st Caspian Economic Forum in Avaza noted that Iran is doing all possible to develop relations with Central Asia countries.

Moreover he said that expanding economic and trade links requires strengthening the legal foundations of these relations in order to bring the regional trade to a high level. For its part, Iran can provide to regional countries its infrastructure of road, rail, air and sea transport and transit on Caspian Sea as well as in the Oman and Persian Gulfs.

According to Jahangiri, the North-South corridor, trilateral railway cooperation of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran and realization by Ashgabat of the Agreement on the creation of the international transport and transit corridor also offer the great opportunities for developing and strengthening of cooperation between coastal and non-coastal countries around the Caspian Sea.

The First Vice-President of the Islamic Republic of Iran expressed the interest of his country in the development of transport corridor via China and other countries and the revival of the Great Silk Road.

He said that the geographical position of Iran with access to the open sea of the Persian Gulf and other regions creates good opportunities to develop trade and economic cooperation, noticing the Chabahar port possibilities. In addition to it, he drew attention of the Forum participants to the huge oil and gas prospects of Iran and the country readiness to intensify and extend their partnership in energy supplies to the neighboring countries.

Eshaq Jahangiri called on increased attention to solution of questions of establishing security and stability in the Middle East and Persian region as a condition of economic, trade, investment and other areas development between the countries.

Iran remains the supporter to develop trade and economic relations and is ready to invest to other countries, build relations in the fields of politics, economy, industry and other sectors, especially with neighbors by the Caspian Sea, Jahangiri said.