Iran increases deliveries of cargoes to Central Asia through Turkmenistan

Iran increases deliveries of cargoes to Central Asia through Turkmenistan

The railway Tejen-Serahs-Meshed put in operation in May, 1996 becomes for transport branch of IRI an important link for transportation of cargoes to Central Asia.

The share of export delivered by Iran on this highway makes about 85 % from the total amount of deliveries of the country abroad by rail. Mustafa Nasiri Varag, general director of railways of Khurasan informed on it.

He also added that 512 thousand tons of cement has been exported to countries of Central Asia this year through the Turkmen-Iranian border.

In the interview of IRNA Mustafa Nasiri noted that 75 % of this quantity of cement has been exported to Uzbekistan. And as a whole, cement makes up 70 % from the total amount of the Iranian production delivered abroad by railways.

The share of all export by the railroad line through Turkmenistan – about 85 %, mainly thanks to increase in deliveries of cement to countries of Central Asia, the official told.

He reminded that the total amount of goods turnover of Iran and the Central Asian region through Serahs, including export and import, last year exceeded 2 million tons, and transit of goods on this Turkmen-Iranian line of Central Asia made up 1,2 million tons that is a record indicator.

For Turkmenistan Iran is one of the largest economic partners, in cooperation with which is realised or is at the stage of realisation of tens of large-scale projects having a priority value for strengthening of bilateral mutually advantageous relations.

Besides the Tejen-Serahs-Meshed road, the transnational trunk-railway Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran put in operation in 2014, promoted optimisation of transport streams all over the Eurasian space.